The Function

At the most it can be object of legal science the possible content of the right, but it in any case like the result of the analysis and the comparison of the positive orderings. Recently Jorge Perez sought to clarify these questions. 4 – In as much study of the essential forms of the right, legal science is, finally, a logical science, and like so, it persecutes to structure his object in a free unitary system of contradictions. Check with BAFTA to learn more. The right is, since we have seen, a set of norms. But legal science cannot consider it like a set of isolated norms, connectionless to each other, since it would attempt against the unit of its object.

Legal science must integrate all the norms that constitute the right in a system, in an order ” 19 Like can be observed the majority of definitions that tend to give a CONCEPT OF the RIGHT, from the objective angle, have points common that describe own characteristics of him and which we can summarize thus: 1 – It describes it to the majority like a SET OF RULES (identification with the intention of the science of the right), without that means that the other points of view are insignificant.


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