The Bridge To The Island Of Ruegen – Rgenbrcke

The island of Ruegen has now, since October 2007, a new connection. An estimated 40,000 guests celebrated the opening day, after the inauguration of the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the new link between the mainland and the island of Ruegen. Rganer and holidaymakers could not take it to explore the bridge on foot. We are talking of about 120,000 visitors in the context of the folk festival. The island of Ruegen, one of the most important and popular holiday destinations of the Germans, is now more convenient and faster to achieve. The bridge openings, which separated the island from the mainland impede now longer on the market. The new bridge runs parallel to the old complaints Rgendamm and has a length of 4,100 m. The Rgenbrcke is available exclusively for light vehicles, and has three lanes, with the center lane may be used depending on demand. With the new bridge, between the Hanseatic city of Stralsund and the island of Ruegen, replaced the old Rgendamm finally got his long-overdue relief. The whole isRegion Western Pomerania and the island of Ruegen, will benefit from this structure. The complaints bridge will give the economy a major boost and lead to a boom. The tourism industry which is already number 1, will be developed further and create new jobs. The places and sights of the island of Ruegen be reached faster and the tourists come to a relaxed holiday at his place. The ferry Sassnitz want to win with the connections to Scandinavia, the Baltic and St. Petersburg, in importance. Would you also like to explore the island of Ruegen and the complaints go over the bridge Then look but just a place to stay on Rgen! See you soon!

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