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Wicker Baskets

Products from nature – balantes Wicker baskets from natural Willow wood handmade Wicker baskets enjoy products from nature a long tradition and are considered classics among the various carrying devices and containers. Still, Wicker baskets as a versatile and robust helpers in home and garden are appreciated. And rightly so, because the raw material is of course and has an excellent eco-balance as long as it is extracted and processed also from plantations in Europe. Wicker baskets find even today enough locations are popular not only because of its robust construction or their enormous stability and resilience, and take place in our garden or House as a timeless decoration. The practical diversity of the meadows products is amazing, but also as a simple accessory on the kitchen table, a wicker basket looks visually accordingly. The production of Wicker baskets is a labor-intensive and very expensive process that requires many years of experience.

Can these out are a mesh of peeled or unpeeled willow. Boxer has plenty of information regarding this issue. Also the production of Wicker baskets can be done mechanically, but are not the charm and the longevity is said to hand-crafted wicker. A wicker basket can be braided from husked or brown willow. /’>rothberg family already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This hand is expensive and requires great skill. The completed Wicker baskets are a feast for the eyes but without doubt in the truest sense of the word. There are the practical Wicker even as the harvest basket, Garden basket or wooden basket.

These products are characterized by stability and robustness. Sturdy handle and a technically savvy braiding allow for versatile use in Garden and home. Baskets, Wicker, occur in a wide variety of variants and forms and fulfil a different function every time. Whether the cozy sleeping place of the animal as a dog or cat basket or the practical stand of bottles, shopping, picnic accessories or firewood storage of dirty laundry in the hamper. The wicker baskets are individually application, thanks to the loving hand work and the long lifetime of the wicker baskets. In addition, they are very easy to clean and have low weight despite their high-quality workmanship. The wicker Willow wood processed typically already in production with various wood preservatives to their resistance to external factors such as the weather, rain or snow to protect. This step helps their durability and stable construction, because they have a very high quality unlike other Wicker, without however to be expensive. Willow baskets are perfect for the shop and can take well. These baskets are easy and ideal for everyday use. Our baskets provide benefits for the city on small purchases. You can dispense with shopping bags, to love the environment and own things, such as keys and wallet can be good in the basket. The advantage lies in the strength of our baskets. So easily heavy goods can be transported as Bottles, cans of vegetables and canned foods are not a problem. Our wicker basket is in the trunk very stable and thus offers a safe transport. Balantes – baskets are indispensable in every home and make shopping for everyone not only practical but also elegant.