Successful debut at the movies: Twelve men with no mercy

Increasingly frequent mall reports on acts of piracy that have spread by the waters of the Indian and African in particular those that pass through the shores of the impoverished and lawless Somalia. imdb So galleries the film could not remain indifferent to these current actor events. As we await the announced visions of vids the financial crisis, has been cooking in a Hollywood theatre project XXI that these pirates cinemas will be the talented actor and producer Samuel video clips L. Jackson. Entry into the film Lumet began thumbs a very promising development with commercial and critical herself success of Twelve men mercilessly (12 Angry Men) (1957). This film won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and his first mpeg nomination for an Oscar in the category of Best Film, Best Director free and cinema Best Adapted Screenplay.
Their titles Stage Struck (1958) and this kind films of woman (That Kind of himself Woman) (1959) fell short of theaters his debut, nor was the clips direction of Marlon Brando did in snakeskin (The Fugitive Kind ) (1959).
Despite these failures, the entry of the’60s was one of the most fruitful times of Lumet. One of the must successful actors in Hollywood is has two 4th of july movies: Independence Day and Men in black adult Beginning with the solid adaptation of the classic Arthur Miller A View from the Bridge (Vu du babe pont) (1961) ( “A View From theater the Bridge”), to be followed by one of his masterpieces of the flicks period long hours into the night ( Long Day’s Journey Into Night) (1962) starring Katharine Hepburn, Ralph Richardson, Dean Stockwell and Jason showtimes Robards.
After this great success, would a lesser degree as limit point (Fail-Safe) (1964), dull drama about the Cold War. But it would recover the loan (The Pawnbroker) (1964), which deals with the plot title of a Holocaust survivor filmography who lives in New York and explaining their experiences in concentration camps. D be the role played by Rod Steiger and making a nomination to win the Oscar. The director continued starring to investigate the horrors of biography war with his later project Hill theatres (The Hill) (1965) alongside Sean Connery (actor starting with a fruitful actors professional relationship).
Still, Lumet daria records a shift in the episode next year to lead the kind of drama group (The mpegs Group) (1966) playing and then call actress the espionage thriller for the dead (The Deadly pics Affair) (1966) (with credited James Mason, Maximilian Schell and Simone Signoret).

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