Solar Wind Energy

Wind power is solar energy to obtain deregulation a method that works with air heated by the electricity sun climbs up a chimney where the generators.
Today, in January 2006, a utility patent, Spanish, under the name of JVR, name given by its inventor and revolutionized this method of generating renewable energy through the application of solar energy in heating the air. if you are looking for the best electricity and gas deals, then you must consider a subsidiary of the Corporation The new system starts with installation ESCOs of a chimney effect, but with some important variations: the base is composed of three layers: Earth and ceramic insulator accumulating (connections between the water pipes, ceramics and glass). The building is tapered and at its top is a tower. for an alternative ESCO offering the best service and prices, sign up to with many thousands of customers who have moved from their original utility companies The third wind third of the tower and around its perimeter environment is transparent, which also coincides with the center of utilities a turbine similar to those used running water for gas. This turbine is interconnected with an alternator that is under the buying green center of the installation of a shaft. environment In the transparent impact energy from a certain number of solar concentrators, causing overheating of the air in the center of the turbine and therefore this move as it would if the fuel, instead of solar, gas leading suppliers of electricity and natural gas or kerosene outside, just in this case the sun.
At the base of the tower, around its perimeter, is unique in a few hours utility company of sunlight are closed to the air of heat and cold of the open air outside. As we all know cold air is molecularly more dense. This air is compressed in the turbine is heated by the center hubs. Closed the exclusive communication with the tower of the accumulator to gas receive the New York State solar radiation reaching such a high temperature. Reached a limit on its temperature, sufficient to serve as an energy accumulator to heat the air in the night and can move the sun and organic matter turbine (then in sustainable energy resources the evening), modified to move the chimney effect, through green energy which water among the ceramic heat, keeping the batteries to the required temperature and transferring heat conduction commented before, such as heat exchanger, water which can in turn serve as a generator of electricity.

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