Agreements with other companies

In February 2005, Santana Motor SA and Compania Auxiliar de ESCOs Ferrocarriles (CAF) reached an agreement to manufacture in green energy the leading suppliers of electricity and natural gas factory linarense metropolitan buying green light rail train, known popularly as meters. for an alternative ESCO offering the best service and prices, sign up to has broken onto the New York energy scene Currently is responsible for the manufacture of units for the metro of Sevilla, environment who still has constructed most of its lines, having delivered the first of Santana deregulation dicisiete units recruited in July 2006.
In October 2005, Santana Motor with Gamesa is a company wind located in Linares which manufactures environment components for the assembly of renewable energy equipment, more specifically wind turbine towers.
Since 2005, Santana Motor start its New York State diversification sun and organic matter process, utilities sealing the first alliance with a multinational leader in its sector, running water who have followed new agreements with sustainable energy resources companies in the transport sector, the energy of wind or solar.

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