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Series review 2012/13: the myFanbase editorial team chooses their tops and flops of the last US-Serienseason Herne, 6 June 2013. The US Serienseason 2012/13 leans toward the end: some few episodes have not yet been, but most series the shocking, romantic, dramatic finale are TV already across the screens times with a Happy ending, time with nasty Cliffhanger. To bypass the silly season until the beginning of the new season, the myFanbase editorial staff takes a look back on the best and the disappointing that has brought the world series in the last months this year. In the series that went in the autumn and in the spring on the air are included for one, but also the styles that have been started in the midseason. In the categories of characters, relationships, storylines and moments the authors choose their personal tops and flops and also this year the King category is at the end: what were the best and disappointing seasons in the last Serienseason? Characters and Bore: At the top and flop characters among Will Schuester from “Glee”, Daenerys Targaryen out “Game of Thrones” and hook from “Once Upon a Time” abound this year, but to the best and which belong to the disappointing characters, which will not reveal yet. To the schools and to the eye-rolling: some series relationships make it on a roller coaster ride of emotions to take with the audience, while others leave us unfortunately completely indifferent. In this category, including the love triangle between Damon, Elena and Stefan from “Vampire Diaries”, the mother-daughter relationship by Juliette and Jolene from “Nashville” and the romance between Jess and Nick from “New Girl” shows up in the review of the series 2012/13. Can the total package convince? If all components of a series of perfectly play together, build up superbly drawn characters, rousing relations, compelling storylines and great moments to a masterpiece of fiction then you can definitely by one of the best seasons of the last season speak.

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