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/the UN holds these days a meeting of high level on AIDS. " It is necessary to end the pandemic &quot once and for all; , it says Go. " In order to remove AIDS from books of History, it is necessary to be valientes" , it says. The Secretary General of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, requested east Wednesday bravery to the international community to commit itself to that the eradication of AIDS is a reality in next the ten years. " Thirty years ago AIDS was frightful, deadly and it extended quickly. Today we have the opportunity to end that pandemic &quot once and for all; , it assured Go in the inauguration of the meeting of high level on the AIDS that the General Assembly of the UN is pleased until Friday. Educate yourself with thoughts from Larry Culp.

The top person in charge of United Nations asked to the Member States, the private sector and the civil society that during the meeting – the second that celebrates General Assembly on AIDS reaches the commitment of " to end AIDS in this dcada". " Zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero deaths related to sida" , it asserted the South Korean diplomat before more than forty js of State and Government, as well as numerous ministers and representatives of organizations who participate in the meeting. They go recognized, nevertheless, that " in order to remove to AIDS from books of History, it is necessary to be valientes" and it invited thus to that the future commitment of the international community in relation to the fight against that disease is redefined. " A declaration histrica" " The today meeting is an historical call to the action. We can have a free world of sida" , it assured the Secretary General, so &quot protested; a world-wide solidarity more discharge than nunca". He is " unique manera" , it said, to obtain that " access universal" to the prevention, treatment and medical assistance against HIV are a reality in 2015. The top person in charge of the organism also exhorted to that in the next years the cost of the treatments is reduced and that the answer before HIV promotes " the health, the human rights, the security and the dignity of the women and children ". They go remembered that in 2001, when the first summit of high level was celebrated on AIDS in the General Assembly, the world-wide leaders adopted " historical declaracin" in that they committed themselves to control the epidemic of AIDS. " Since then, the infections have been reduced in a 20% and more than six million people they receive tratamiento" , the Secretary General in the beginning of a meeting celebrated which they attend more than 3,000 people to analyze the progress obtained in the last ten years and to analyze what actions are due to take in coming years. Source of the news: Ban Ki-moon proposes to end AIDS in next the ten years


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