Public life after his presidency

In May 2001 he married the former model (Miss Universe 1987) and Chilean television host Cecilia Bolocco, which start with the divorce proceedings in February 2008. She has a child with: Maximum Menem Bolocco, who was born in 2005.
On June 7, 2001 was arrested on charges of arms trafficking to Ecuador and Croatia during his administration (in 1991 and 1996) being under house arrest until November of that year when the Supreme Court issued a ruling in favor of acquittal. He was accused of having diverted the fate of weapons according to decrees signed by iban a ir a Panama, Venezuela and Bolivia but ended up in Ecuador and Croatia. The diversion of weapons to Ecuador was against the barrier that Argentina had the sale, being guarantor of peace in the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro, between Argentina and Peru, who were in the midst of a war, and Notwithstanding the support, political and logistical, which gives the Peru Argentina in the Falklands War. In the case of Croatia was prevented by the embargo of the UN in the conflict that divided Yugoslavia. During the year 2007 came to be tried by Judge Rafael Caputo, although it had the protection of parliamentary immunity because Senator Rioja. In October 2008 he was starting a trial on the matter. The lawyers requested February 3, 2008 the cancellation of the trial .
It also accuses him the possession of undeclared bank accounts in Swiss banks. In this case was acquitted after an opinion by Judge Christine Junod in Switzerland, stating that had no bank account in that country.
As to the cause of the explosion of the R o Tercero factory, which occurred shortly after beginning his second term, the Federal Chamber of Cordova cancel his testimony in the investigation into the causes of that event in November 2008 to 13 years occurred. The reason is because it is decoupled from the then prosecutor Carlos Stornelli never ask the questioning of former president .
During a workshop held at the Club de Mar del Plata, Menem expressed his idea of running as a candidate for president in the upcoming elections which will take place in 2011 .

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