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Among a variety of options for meeting one of the most sought after holiday of the year – New Year – is one that is undeniably different from all the creative scenarios – a new year is not December 31 as the head of Russia as a holiday the day before, yes or no on any day you wish. Imaginary new year – a great way to gather good friends together and spend a great holiday party, full of humor, surprises and a good mood. Fake New Year. Everyone knows that 31 – is absolutely conditional date. The new year could easily designate on 1 September, and on March 8. Moreover, on a global scale, and celebrated its not at the same time, we have consider its location relative to the Greenwich meridian. So, one might say, the holiday is uniformly spread over the days. Our advice – is abstracted from the traditional time frame.

Celebrated the New Year when please. For example, a day ahead of everyone else. Do not try to spread about his conception. For all guests, something they do not suspect anything, the coming New Year will be a complete surprise. Props: advance purchase of the entire arsenal of cinematic New Year – "Enjoy Your Bath! ',' Carnival Night ',' Magicians', and, most importantly, last year's greeting speech of the president. Alternately charge all this into the vcr. To Nobody had the idea to switch the program, hide the remote under a pillow. In a conspicuous place to put a tear-off calendar.


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