Normally, all at

Normally, all at some point in our lives begin to make money, almost always in the first job, with the arrival of income, will always owe a debt, credit cards begin to arrive because we are a white “snap” for financial institutions and of course, we began to buy things, nothing more satisfying than to have what we already !!!!!, the story sound familiar Let me go … …. We started going out, to partying, trips, buying clothes, to spend our money, of course, “we won, because they spend it “, Decide you read the full story, this young man can go single or married, I imagine that this person is married. Everything is a success, the working man and woman, two salaries are a very good entry for a couple, the costs are shared and lived quiet, then decide to buy a house, nothing like home ownership, a car, television, their dream holiday, and of course all the quota that we are ‘given’ the bank, then as if by magic, we have many things, but everything is in the bank (house, car and tv).That would be the marriage without the children, the needs are enormous money and have debts, but the costs involved in a child who I imagine are GIANTS (do not believe in the phrase “children bring the bread under the arm”), then as usual for us, we decided that the money we need, we’ll make it work harder, and began the search for raises, promotions and in most cases, a new job because we have paid “very little “, comes the need for a bigger house, work harder, we become an employee of the month is over, go back to college to study to fill gaps and get a promotion and more, or other employment, then CLARO QUE SI !!!!! This formula works in most cases, revenue increases, but remember that in the “RAT RACE” earnings are directly proportional to the debts, these increases, uncontrollably. And if debt increases … as we cover this gap …… se or, with more credits !!!!!, and I mentioned that the child should go to college Then what happens to this couple , They are trapped in the “RAT RACE” work for the company, and for the bank, not counting what we tax each fortnight the government, have at least three masters of our … our money … Let me doubt it. That’s what happens to the child, grows up without seeing financial education to parents working harder and borrow more, which touches the child, is to study and get a good job to keep paying debts, the cycle continues and will never leave the ” RAT RACE ” The only way out of THE RAT RACE is by demonstrating your capacity both as investment accounting. Excerpts taken from the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki “If you think you can, can, if you think you can not, you can not, either way you’re right” Henry Ford

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