New World

The death of diverse civilians represented the fight of the workers for a new model of society. During the repression, other militant ones had been died and its bodies also are in unknown place. The workers want that all these families have right to embedding its deceased with dignity and respect. To open the archives of that period is a right to the memory, the information and the truth. History if makes with documents and these cannot be jailed in bilges or hidden in the desvos of police agencies.

These doubts and fidgets have that to be decided. The fights of the workers today are on to the contruo of a social democracy, for the right to a worthy job, reduction of the day of wage so that the worker also has right to study, to the leisure and the culture and the conditions of work and experience that respect the nature. Pain, the suffering, in the life of who passed for this social phase, had been marked in its lives and always passed for third ahead, certainly they would approve this guideline. In its dialectics, also they produced growth, change, decision and courage to face new situations. If they were livings creature, certainly in them would convoke the new fights. would be to the front, as commanders, next to the pauperizadas layers more of the population, for the right of the Brazilian citizens to the memria and the truth.


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