Mary Sergey

– Clearly, – trying as much as possible to conceal his grief, meets Maria, asking another question. – And how much more do you have? – I’m on my fifth year and two months later, I have issue in any city in Russia for further service. Realizing that it is also not pleasant, I felt another blow to the psyche of Mary, the same painful for her, like the previous one. – So, two months later you go? – Asked Mary hlyupnuv nose.

– Most likely yes, you’re not sick by any chance? – Few, I swallowed a pill and went to you. – And I love you forcing me to walk in the cool evening, can doedem to the theater in a taxi? – No, everything’s fine, I feel good. – How such a beautiful girl can be without a guy? Long parted? – Sergey asked, not knowing whether this is so. – No, recently, two weeks ago – with some sadness in his eyes said Maria. – , and why, if I may ask? And how did you meet? – Three years, though last year was one filed with the scandals, but ended up that I accidentally met him on the street, walking arm in arm with a girl – with a vanished smile was the answer. – It is clear, but why do not you split up with him before? – Sergey asked thoughtfully.


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