Luis Arrieta started

Luis Arrieta started in the world of television, doing a casting for TV Azteca. According to him, started out of curiosity, as there was in his casting, and select it. He was going to study applied mathematics, but invited him to a propaedeutic a month. After the first class, he knew that acting was his calling. Therefore, from 2001 to 2003, acting in the way CEFAC (Centro de Formacion actoral TV Azteca). From 2001 to 2004 made courses and workshops in acting and CEFAC UNAM. These courses were conducted by Professor Hector Mendoza, Jose Luis Ibanez, Raul Quintanilla, Roberto Soza, Diego Lopez, Luis Velez, Ximena Escalante, Jorge A. Vargas, Horacio Almada, Dora Cordero, Luigi Amara and Luis Ibar.
In 2005 made courses and workshops with Professor Sally Kirkland, Marc Marne, Cathy Leslie, David and Anne de Salvo Stasberg in United States. Performance course in 2005 “Method Acting” at the Theater Institute in Los Angeles under the guidance of Lee Strasberg in the United States. Also during his training has worked in telenovelas, as without the permission of your parents, get to my bike or Belinda, ads for Pizza Hut or Telcel and movies such as Price of the American Dream II. The measured 176 centimeters apart, the fluent English, so according to him to get a role in the live-action Dragonball Evolution interpreting the character of teto.
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