Kevin Sanderson

Detroit City motors. An impressive number of factories that specialize in the automotive industry. In momentrassveta American automobile industry, they demanded mnogodeshevoyrabochey force. And she came to Detroit from across America. Blacks were ready to work with monotone noise automotive belts.

Later some of these populations have concluded that under the monotone sounds can not only perform their responsibilities under them easy to get people dancing. This entailed experiments initiators of whom became longtime friends – Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Kevin Sanderson and Jeff Mills. It is easy to see that Detroit techno is very minimalistic. Perhaps it is understandable that the generation that stood at the origins of this music, could not afford a significant amount of equipment. Monophonic synthesizer, a few drum machines and four-panel, were often all set of instruments musician from Detroit. As a consequence, tend to track there is only four sound. Black friends believe that you can just make music and to such material.

And create. And to a techno track was not very much like another, little importance was given to work with sound. By the mid-80's in Detroit opened underground techno clubs. Prior to this there existed clubs tend to electronic music, hip-hop. Musicians began to open more new labels. Juan Atkins has developed a label Metroplex, Derick May – Transmat, Kevin Sanderson – kms, Jeff Mills – axis. By 1987, Juan Atkins holds a compilation 'Techno – the new Dance sound of Detroit'. At the end of the term Techno, once and for all cemented ordered minimalist dance music, based on was laid on a straight bit of about 130 bpm.


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