Iron Heart

My impressions of cartoon unforgettable. Iron robot with eyes that reflected the most pure, that we remember from childhood are fascinating, from the first minute you realize that the simple machine of recycling feels and wants to say. There is no robot-killers, green ogre, gay asses. In the cartoon there is no meaningful dialogue, only emotions that permeate the entire cartoon, expressed in his movements, and even reflections on the lenses Valley. Real-estate developer wanted to know more. Marvelous disclosure of the senses iron heart, his love and care. Ease robot draws from the first minute, the diligence with which the Valley cleans long-forgotten planet shows us how we are dependent on those around us Social factors of life. Beautiful opposite of loneliness just reflects the influence of society can not help wonder what would happen if left alone, what purpose would be for each whether it is properly? Disclosure of the theme of love is so wonderful and innocent, even an adult could for a moment to feel romantic again, to experience moments of rejection, conquest, and caring. Everyone will find themselves in the Valley, part of something really good and clean..


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