Human Factor

The album was accepted 'with enthusiasm', especially in Europe, and the band embarked on a large scale tour, with the same Metallica. After the tour, withdrew from Vanderhoof guitar cases, retaining the post of chief songwriter of the group. Kurt place in the team took John Marshall, and in 1989 as part of another change occurred. Wayne took up his own project 'Reverend', and frontman 'Metal Church' was Mike Howe (ex-'Heretic '). Sound of the band still potyazhelel, and the texts become more acute, as reflected on the albums 'Blessing In Disguise' and 'Human Factor'. The plate is pretty bad buy, and the tour to support it was not quite successful, and soon it was announced that the decay of Metal Church. Musical climate had changed, and soon the heavy metal was not in favor, which led to the collapse of the command. Releasing in 1993 disc 'Hanging In The Balance' and spent touring in support of the musicians were scattered in all directions.

But everything returns to normal, and 1998 and returned to the original composition 'Metal Church'. First, 'clergy' porylis in the archives and released the first official live album, and then engaged in preparing a new studio album. Updated composition released CD 'Masterpeace', but the next of 'Metal Church' fans had to wait five years. To released in 2004 album 'The Weight Of The World' company, Kurt and Kirk were vocalist Ronny Munroe, ex-guitarist of 'Malice' Jay Reynolds and bassist Steve Unger. Unfortunately, Arrington had some health problems and had to give way to install Jeff Plate. New drummer on the album debuted 'A Light In The Dark', one of the tracks which was dedicated to the life of the departed in 2005, David Wayne. To date, Metal Church on the right can be considered one of the best bands playing in the style of Heavy Metal. All of them are classics of the genre. Group Albums: 1984 – Metal Church 1986 – The Dark 1989 – Blessing In Disguise 1991 – The Human Factor 1993 – Hanging In The Balance 1998 – Live 1999 – Masterpeace 2004 – The Weight Of The World 2006 – A Light In The Dark 2008 – This Present Wasteland Metal Church albums Download

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