Juan Carlos Osuna is the soul and guiding line of the Workshop, a refuge where peace is needed to produce handmade works are put on sale in L’Art de Sant Mart . All works are traditionally made with natural pigments, egg tempera on wood, with attention to detail, making the reproductions are faithful copies of the originals, restoring the splendor that once showcased in churches and monasteries, surprising us with the vividness colors, silence theological hieratic figures that appear in the Romanesque paintings, the approach to the Gothic where the figures lose their rigidity and proclaiming humanism of the Renaissance. Performing the work: First timber is prepared with a first primer of animal glue. Then be prepared for painting with layers of plaster with animal glue. If the work is to receive a water gilding, be filled with parties to brown bowl and is the gold. Finally painted using pigments mixed with egg yolk (tempera), details with latex or acrylic paints, as appropriate.

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