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Once the ventilation of roof spaces used are dormers today especially for the ornament and the illumination of a roof spaces. Their big advantage arises after installing: dormers create new space in the attic because they protrude beyond the original roof. Especially when a low roof slope and roof slopes just above the floor, these diverse window constructions are paying off. More than roof Windows give a face to the House and according to Dormer style a personal touch. Glazed roof dormers can keep up with their generous light with skylights. You can also subsequently fitted.

This should be well planned and carried out by a qualified electrician. As dormer windows change the appearance of a House, they are subject to approval. Therefore, an architect is to consult. In addition, it is advisable to check the buildings. To clarify is among other things, whether the roof is good and sufficient capacity of the attic.

The forms range from schemes, trapezoidal, Nick, below or Round and saddle Dormer Windows up to swinging bat dormers (Lycaon, oculi) as a further development of the towing Dormer. Bat dormers are not very large and only a small amount of light in the attic. But they do offer the greatest weather protection by their very aesthetic curve. Appropriate building materials in question come according to dormers and roofing. The tow Dormer, a kind of roof hatch, can be covered with the same material as the rest of the roof. Its walls, which are heavily exposed to the weather, be clothed with kleinteiligem deck material (such as unverfalzten roof tiles). Due to the pre-set roof pitch, an additional roof cover should be on the dormer at brick covering. For the bat Dormer curved wooden components to use due to its elaborate construction and covers them with straw, Reed or Bieber tail bricks. The trapezoidal Dormer but resembles the tow Dormer, but differs by the slanted side walls.

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