Folate is important for cells and tissues that divide rapidly. Cancer cells divide rapidly, and drugs that interfere with folate metabolism are used to treat cancer. The antifolate metrotexate is a drug commonly used to treat cancer because it inhibits the production of the active form, tetrahidrofolato. Unfortunately, the metrotexate natural can be toxic producing side effects such as inflammation of the digestive tract, which hinders weight loss the normal diet. Good health starts with has long recognized that maintaining a healthy body weight is critical to achieving a good quality of life. Folinic acid is a flat shape that can herbal help redeem or community reverse the toxic effect of metrotexate. supplements It is not the same as folic acid. Folic acid supplements have little established role in cancer chemotherapy. There have been cases of nutrition severe adverse effects of accidental substitution of folic acid to folinic acid in patients receiving cancer chemotherapy as metrotexate. Low dose metrotexate are used to treat a wide variety of non-cancerous diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, asthma, sarcoidosis, primary biliary cirrhosis and inflammatory bowel disease. Low doses of metrotexate can depletar folate and reserves cause side effects that are similar to folate deficiency. Diets high in folic acid as a supplement can help reduce the side effects of metrotexate without diminishing its effectiveness. Anyone who ingest low doses of physicians metrotexate for health problems should consult their physician about the need to supplement with folic acid.

A Guide to Understanding Dietary Supplements: Magic Bullets or Modern Snake Oil vitamins (Nutrition, Exercise, Sports, and Health) by Robert Wildman and Shawn M Talbott (Hardcover – Jan 2, 2003)

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