It's like a parable about three blind men, who were asked to describe elephant. One of them was an elephant's tail and saying that an elephant – a rope, the other – in the leg, saying that the elephant – this column and the third had an elephant in its trunk and said that the elephant – it is the hand. A good coach will not ask you about 'Rope', 'column' or 'hand', knowing that you do not know what the 'elephant' in principle. J A good English tutor works not from textbooks, but in real material: the movies, articles, etc. thereby eliminating any possible errors of misuse of words and English grammar. A good tutor for English should be a clear system of pronunciation and the development of listening comprehension.

And, of course, if you hear Russian or at the very strange accent tutor, you should not use its services. A good English tutor is an audio recording sessions, so you can listen to them at home, analyze and ask questions, ie maximum effectively use the time tutoring in English. Frequently asked question about how much time it takes to master English at a serious level. To read more click here: Stanley Gibbons. Usually, when an adequate work of the student (2-3 hours a day), a tutor of English can provide a good level (eg ielts exam score at 6-8 with a maximum of -9) for 6 -12 months. 6.8 points in ielts – is the level required by universities in England, Canada, Australia and countries British Commonwealth. Ie this level that allows a person not only to communicate but also to obtain higher education in all disciplines in English, to work in international companies, etc. Should be avoided English tutors and 'miraculous' techniques that promise for 1-2 months to make of you native English speakers. This is definitely scammers.

It should be clearly understood that it is impossible to teach English, we can only learns that involves dedication and diligence of the student. Tutor – a wizard that will save you time, turning years of independent language learning in the months and, therefore, it saves you money, because tutoring much more effective than courses that are presently too expensive. Rightly believed that well-chosen English tutor – this is an excellent investment, not just wasted money. In conclusion, I would like to touch on another way to learn English – author courses. Author's courses combine the advantages of studying with a good tutor of English on the one hand, and on the other – they more accessible to vehicles. There are a number of courses that are named in honor of the authors of methods or textbooks, but do not confuse them with the author's course. At the author's course taught himself a high-tutor, who is himself are their owners, not hired low-paid non-professional teachers, referred to earlier. Conclusion: The best strategy for learning English – is an independent work, guided professional tutor in the mode of individual sessions or courses on copyright. Even if one tutoring per week you can quickly and accurately learn English every day working on it independently.


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