Yesterday 31 of October of the year of 2010, the Brazilians had day had the possibility to try again to choose its representatives. Most romantic they say that this is the biggest party of the Brazilian democracy, other they go still more far, they say that it is the biggest expression of citizenship. Party Yes, party Funniest, it is that many use to advantage this moment of party, and travel to the stroll. Brazil everything is party Even though at a so important moment But what it matters, they are only four years is not same? Soon we will have new elections. I do not criticize this or that candidate, much less the winner or the defeated one. I am contrary to the attitudes taken for our people. We can call citizens these people who travel and they do not attribute the lesser relevance to its vote? All good, that is not only because we vote that we are citizens, but the vote is part of the social integration with the State It is, the vote does not make difference


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