Biography Little

Biography Little is told in the works of Doyle on the life of Dr. Watson. According to extra-canonical John Hamish Watson was born on August 7, 1852. Son of Henry Watson, born in Hampshire and Ella Mackenzie, John had a brother named Henry Jr., who apparently died drunk in 1888. The Watsons were an upper class family and respected. His mother died when he was a boy and his father moved to Australia, taking with him two sons. After many years returned to England. In 1872 began the medical career at the University of London, graduating in 1878. He continued his studies at Netley is mandatory for Army medic. Was added as assistant surgeon to the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers. The latter was stationed in India, but by the time Watson up to China, had unleashed the Second Anglo-Afghan War, where it is headed to join his squad.At the Battle of Maiwand, added to the troops of Berkshire, was wounded in the left arm. For this reason and for having contracted typhus, is sent to England to recover. It sets a time in a major hotel in London, which was forced to relocate because of lack of money in 1881. It was for this reason that met Sherlock Holmes, who had already seen a few rooms, half, were comfortable paying belonging to Ms. Hudson and were located at 221 B Baker Street. A mutual friend introduced them, Stamford, Watson-known passage from St. Bartholomew’s Hospital while studying medicine. Travel to U.S. in 1884 where she met what would become his first wife, Constance Adams, with whom he married after returning to England in 1886 and widowed in 1887. In 1888 he married Mary Morstan (known in the case called The Sign of the Four), being widowed for the second time in 1892. In 1902 he married again. And finally dies of unknown causes in 1929.

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