Zeitgeist: Addendum is divided into four parts:
Part I: critical practice fractional reserve banking and money creation through credit. The film argues that the dollar bills (using the example of central banks) are printed and freely increases the supply of money every time the Fed to buy Treasury bonds. This money ends up in commercial banks. Once that money is in reserve in a bank, it “multiplies” through fractional reserve system, and it lends to bank customers. The documentary notes that this system is “absurd” because the interest to be paid on money borrowed does not exist, was never created, and compares the system with the traditional game of the chair, during which one person was always out. This issue is also explained in the first movie Zeitgeist.
Part II: This is a documentary style interview with John Perkins, during which he describes his own role as an assassin for the U.S. Economy. In this way, states have helped the CIA, as well as several corporate entities and policies, or corrupt to destabilize foreign governments that put the interests of its people ahead of multinational corporations.
Part III describes the Venus Project, a proposal created by Jacque Fresco. The film promotes the project as a sustainable solution for mankind. The main goal of this idea is to produce an economy based on natural resources and man, using modern technology to implement a society based on this type of economy rather than the current model of artificial scarcity maintained by the cash economy.
Part IV argues that everything bad in this world is “mainly a result of the collective ignorance of two of the most basic understandings that humans can have of reality: the emerging symbiosis of natural law.”
The film then suggests actions to be taken to a “social transformation”, such as boycotts above, rejection of political structures and in creating a “critical mass”.

Chicago Tribune
Barack Obama called the summit “a turning point in our pursuit of global economic recovery. Global Cash Access received Most Innovative New Gaming Products Award from Casino Journal for QuickJack Plus. was spokesman for USA Processing of Sunnyvale, California. “Great Britain Gordon Brown said the leaders plan includes creating jobs and a stronger financial controls. The G-20 leaders will pour at least 1 trillion into the global economy in an attempt to stimulate the recovery of a global recession and will insist on greater regulation of the financial sector, …
Canadian Business
G-20 leaders hope an end to overcome the global economic crisis promised an additional 1.1 trillion in funding Thursday to the International Monetary Fund
Washington Post
LONDON – perseverance optimistic in the light of the doubts, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown predicted Thursday’s emergency G-20 economic summit would be a major global deal to tackle the deepening global recession. Others were not so sure.
Pioneer Press
President Barack Obama and other leaders of the world of the 20 largest economies are now looking for a solution to the global financial crisis. A look at the business does:

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