American University The

American University The American University of Paraguay was founded in 1994. Has 3 locations: one in Asuncion, one in Ciudad del Este and the third in Posadas, Argentina. It has more than 5,000 students and nearly 400 teachers. The American University is an outgrowth of the Institute of Training and Business Development incades, civil partnership nonprofit whose purpose was to promote the establishment of a university that would serve as a training, higher education and cultivation of the arts, literature, science, technology, scientific research and training of the human being in Paraguay. The mentor of this initiative was Dr. Andrew Benk Kapuv ry, who after a successful seminar, which gathered over 300 people, saw the possibility to enable higher education institution that stood out, mainly by giving the public a variety of educational offerings, graduate and undergraduate, with prominent involvement of foreign teachers.All this with the firm intention to contribute to the training of competent professionals for the country. The project began as incades (Higher Institute for Training and Business Development), established on 12 October 1991 “Albari o. Edit

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