A Bald Head Does Not Need To Be

Almost no one carries it willingly, for a bald head is a beauty blemish dar. And that, although light in almost one quarter of all Germans, the hairs more or less. The cause of surgery or disease can be considered. The most common reason for hair loss is the hormone DHT. This is a variant of the masculine hormone testosterone. The roots of the hair at the hairline and in the rear Tonsurbereich react very sensitively. At some point there is no new hair grows for more. Tinctures, or hormones can not create short-term relief, but once the treatment is discontinued, the hair loss again. A solution that is permanent, is a hair transplant. These small pieces of skin with the associated hair follicles from non-affected areas will be removed and transplanted, and different techniques can be used. The important thing is to choose a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in the field of hair transplantation. Finally, to convince the outcome. Is everything gone smoothly, thensprout a few weeks after the healing of surgical wounds – only very fine scars are left behind – the first new hair. After a short spare time so that everything is possible, what went before, and even hair color and similar treatments. Cut And can the new hair of course, because they grow from now on for life.

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