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– Berlin Organising Committee The concept of the Berlin Festival of Yoga Yoga Festival is to present the science of Yoga with a mixture of health, philosophical, psychological, cultural and sportive aspects holistically. This has already proven itself on the last Festival. We see yoga as a way to develop physically and mentally which is open to all people. Through the practice of Yoga is substantially improves the General State of health, physical and mental relaxation promoted, a clear spirit developed and supports a friendly compassionate nature. 1 health the positive effects of Yoga on the General State of health are today well studied and often described. Through the physical yoga postures, tensions are resolved, rebuilt muscles and in combination, the basis is created with the breathing techniques for relaxation. During the exercises, the internal organs and the endocrine system of the body massages and stimulates. The yogic teachings of health – Ayurveda – has become increasingly more and more popular.

The Festival explains the health aspect of yoga. Yoga is represented as health-therapeutic method for certain, even serious diseases. 2. philosophy and Psychology by its balancing effects on the nervous system has a strong effect on the psyche yoga. Yoga practitioners experienced a significant mood cheering up often after a short practice time, anxiety and depression cause by continuous practice of yoga. This helps even the historically philosophical system developed, the so-called philosophy of Vedanta. At the Festival, the psychological effects as well as the philosophy of Yoga be made through lectures on the subject. Practically a way of obtaining a balanced and peaceful mind shows locally through meditation.

3. art and culture of India, the country of origin of yoga, will be presented at the Festival in cultural terms. The music is elemental to the path of Yoga (Nada-Yoga). It will be during the Festival both a traditional concert (sitar-Tabla), one Presentation and workshop of the Indian Temple dance (Baratha Natyam) and singing of mantras, the traditional Singversen in Sanskrit, organized. A special highlight will be a Hindu fire ceremony. A bazaar with crafts and food show India from its cultural side. 4. sports so easy Yoga looks if you look for experienced Yogis, is so hard it really the body exercises (asanas) skillfully perform. Behind a seemingly easy running Yoga is often many years of practicing and self discipline. It is very positive that Yoga provides simple exercises for the beginners that almost everyone can immediately perform and which still are remarkable in their positive effect. For advanced practitioners, who have already developed their body through repeated weekly practice (elasticity, muscle building, precision), there are enough more advanced postures. On-site lessons are continuously to the join held. The traditional Yoga schools given the opportunity to explain their system and the participants can get a good overview.

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