The Island Of Paros

The island of Paros, is a paradise and small Greek island of the Aegean Sea, has a population that barely exceeds 16000 inhabitants and Tourism travel has its main source of income. PAROS, is in the Cyclades, a group of Islands, also highlighting give them and Naxos. In addition, his relics, the island of Paros has 120 kms of beaches and paradisiacal landscapes. The island is located in the geographical center of the Cyclades, so this can be one very good option more than interesting to rent a boat or sailboat to go atipar you, give them or Naxos. Parikia, its capital, is a beautiful city of white houses next to the Mediterranean, has a formidable port that is target of innumerable tourist cruises. Naoussa, another small town deserve to be highlighted is a town with a fishing tradition and is very pretty, she can taste delicious fish and enjoy its splendid beaches. The island of Paros, is definitely the ideal place to spend unforgettable vacations., enjoying its landscapes, its beaches, its gastronomy, from boat trips, for its monuments, churches and monasteries, or the ancient ruins of the classical era, as well as of its interesting history. That clicking is beautiful Greek island have much to do and see, Parikia, its capital, its beaches, its landscapes, its exquisite fresh fish.A tour of the island by visiting cities like: Naoussa, the tourist Pisso Livadi, capital Parikia, will surely be one more interesting experience, also, we can visit places like the Valley of the butterflies, practise some sport outdoors enjoying the nightlife in Parikia or Pisso Livadi.

Visit the Temple of Apollo, or spend a day aboard a boat are activities that we must not do. Shopping the town of Parikia, the capital of the island of Paros, has a good number of shops and stores where you can shop, souvenir shops, jewelry stores, shops of clothing, or premises where to buy a good bottle of wine. Parikia, Naoussa and Pisso Livani are locations where you can find shops of all kinds where perform all kinds of shopping, from fashion to souvenirs, jewelry or anything you want. Overnight in Paros to enjoy the night life of this small island in the Aegean is an activity not to be missed. You will find bars, taverns, restaurants, clubs where you will be able to go out, especially in Parikia, the capital of the island. PAROS has it all, areas where you can enjoy your pleasant evening by the sea, with tranquility, or areas of bustle and party until the early hours. In addition the night is conducive to go out to dinner and enjoy a Greek delicacy.

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