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Monte Puertatierra

Amaral returns to Cadiz, this time within the tour of his latest album into the wild.Concert of Amaral in Cadiz the concert will take place in room Amphitheater, on 28 October, very close to the Monte Puertatierra, one of the hotels in Cadiz best located in the city. In the first week of its release, into the wild has been gold and number one on the list of Spanish of sales. Amaral is a pop rock band from Zaragoza, formed by Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre. At the moment they have sold around 4 million copies of his discography since 1998 to the present. Adam Sandler may also support this cause. With regard to this last work, Aguirre explained that they had quite a few ideas and many songs and quite possibly their future work will be an electric album. Furthermore pointed out that everytime a riff, a chorus reminds us to something above, any thing that we have done, I immediately delete it. The new album will mean a radical change, but anyway we have always changed from a disk to another. Finally, the album was released on 27 September 2011, with 12 tracks. Last July announced that the first single from the album would be the song that gives title, into the wild, and was launched on 8 August. Only a day later the song became no. 1 on Itunes.