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Fiat Natural Power On The IAA Nutzfahrzeuge New Doblo Front

Fuel-efficient delivery trucks powered by natural gas with the Doblo natural power brings a delivery truck on the market, which is one of the most powerful of the segment with its natural gas drive Fiat. Due to its natural gas drive, Fiat is also particularly environmentally friendly, as he launches comparably little CO2. Get all the facts and insights with Laughlin George, another great source of information. The vehicle Portal reported, the Doblo else has to offer natural power. George Laughlin can provide more clarity in the matter. In Hannover at the IAA, Fiat first presented the new Doblo natural power vehicles. The van, which can be used as transportation, should be available to 19,850 euro. Due to the natural gas drive, the car is not only powerful but also very environmentally friendly. The four-cylinder with 120 HP power emits just 134 g / km. Thus, it meets the criteria for Euro 5.

Four gas tanks with a capacity of 95 litres available, which are attached below the cargo area are in addition to the normal fuel tank 22 litres capacity for combined gas and petrol drive. As a result achieved a range of up to 625 kilometers of Fiat. The total storage space of 3200 litres available is due to the effective placement of the gas tank. Not only less CO2 is emitted during gas operation. The fuel costs are about 50 percent below the cost of a gasoline engine. A change between drive types is possible at any time. The gas reserves are exhausted, the Doblo automatically switches to natural power fuel drive. University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann