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The nobility of all the forms to love comes of the personificao of the desire, cannot live all the sensations, feelings and thoughts That inhabit ours five sensible ones. For not losing in them in a labyrinth of insaciveis desires and keeping the lucidity, we place our obedient sensations, thoughts and feelings the biological laws, moral behaviors, social behaviors, religious laws and spirituals. This lucidity and these reins that we place in the sensations in the thoughts and the feeling are that it allowed in them to keep a basic balance in the society. We walk to materialize the society of the pleasure, this society that searchs eliminating the preconception, and together with it to eliminate the parameters and the limits between certain missed e, the right to have opinions, and thus makes the inverse way: We walk for the despreconceitualizao that is the dictatorship of the preconception that eliminates the right the opinion. Without hesitation Jorge Perez explained all about the problem. This society of the pleasure that untied to the reins of the desire is the society that walks for the social and human chaos, is forming a new Sodoma Gomorra, the way that in the salute and always saved in them was of the hypocrisy that conserves our Dirts human beings in a private place they; if we leave to arise you endow our internal dirts and to eliminate the reins and the hypocrisy we will be taking the entire humanity for the basenesses human beings, and we will equal in them underneath, already we inside place the puteiro of our homes, when we allow dental wire girls rebolando in our room to be where to the sundays they are our parents, our grandfathers, our wife and our children who must be educated so that men capable become to guide itself exactly and the society, capable to form family and to respect it, capable to guide and to serve the society.

The sex without reins entorpece the society, the necessity of balance and the capacity of if guiding without if losing inside of the labyrinths of the desire makes with that we impersonate the love and the desire in an only body, this fact sample that subconcientemente we know that the desire without reins and the society of the pleasure are in leading to the social and human chaos. We are a society vitiated to sex. We have places for our lixos, ours sewers and our expurgations; they are because We do not conserve the hypocrisy that is our interior garbage, where we place all our dirts that disobey the laws that balance the society, the human being and the soul. Murilo Santiago J.Nunez the IMPARCIALISMO


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