Miguel Cervantes And Cesar Vallejo Before God

Here is a flyby on the lives of the Fathers of Universal Literature, (a title dispute with Homer and Shakespeare), Don Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra and Cesar Abraham Vallejo Mendoza, we find some similarities, especially in the tortuous path of suffering and injustice in which they live, for example in the case of Michael, agreed to go to a war, during two years for a wage, which was delivered to his family where he was wounded in his left hand, hence the nickname “Manco de Lepanto” back home, is taken prisoner five years, leaving his family found ruins, no one gave him work, get a Tax Collector, which meant going from house to house, knocking on doors with all the risks it entailed, from scurrilous attacks and top up after a year of recovery, the Bank, where Michael kept this money went bankrupt and disappeared all the silver, was charged with Theft and imprisoned one year, and was married to Catalina Salazar y Palacios, even as his first daughter was born Elizabeth, to leave and no one gave him work, was an unemployed, was assisted by Don Pedro Fernandez de Castro y Andrade, Conde Lemos, who assigned a modest monthly pension, which survives, some of his works are pirated by false writers began to publish almost at the end of his life, not enough to enjoy, none of his majestic work, dies poor and buried with her face uncovered, as poor, “according to Don Francisco de Urbina that pays emotional poem engraved on the marble of his lapida.En the case of Caesar, as was captured and imprisoned unjustly, he fled Peru, but while he was in our Country, did not get a stable and quality work, living tips, and “Cachuelas.” He lived self-exile in Paris, Spain, traveled to Russia in 1931, but funding from others, when she tried to publish Trilce! was humiliated by a certain Ricardo Palma-editor, “he “Advised” to be devoted to something that silly nonsense about writing is not literature, it is said “That knowledge creates monsters, but Ignorance creates Esperpentos” died poor, a revival of malaria infection during their lives in the Highlands, died without being diagnosed, he died for lack of 2000 francs for hospitalization in a good clinic, where he had been assistant better, well the purpose of this note is not centrally talk about these facts need to investigate and focus better, much better …


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