Mexican Communist Party

On the other hand, Frida chose a special matter to paint, the metal or masonite, because it is a matter with as smooth surface as the skin. We can think that it gave the sensation him of which it painted directly on the skin; what was a way to join its art with its reality and its sensitivity. Therefore, we can say that it belonged to the realistic movement. One is an artistic movement that reacts against the subjectivity and tries to describe the daily reality of objective form. But we immediately noticed a paradox between the sensitivity of Frida in its art and the own objectivity of the realism. Since there are many surrealistic elements in his works, many wanted to classify it enters the surrealists. In particular in the Broken Column, the natural laws are unknown and changes the scale: Frida is too great with respect to the bottom and is in levitation.

And nevertheless, Frida Kahlo disapproved the one that it would classify between the surrealists and it said ” It is a mistake, thought that I was surrealistic, but I was not it. I never painted dreams, I only painted MY realidad”. Therefore it is very difficult to classify to Frida Kahlo in some artistic movement. Its Commitments In Policy Although underwent much by its cancer and its operations, Frida Kahlo always gave dynamism tests. It was born in 1907, that is to say, almost in the same period that the Mexican revolution that began in 1910.

That explains why it fought by the Mexican and indigenous culture. In order to show its attachment? New Mexico? , it said that it had been born in 1910. As of 1928, part of the Mexican Communist Party was committed of the side of the Communists when forming. Also it knew Trotsky with which it had a mess. In 1936, in the context of the Spanish civil war, it comprised of a committee of solidarity towards the republicans. And in 1954, in spite of his little health, it participated in a manifestation against the American intervention in Guatemala. the .feminism the .feminism of Frida Kahlo note first of all in its pictures in which it deals with the subjects that they have to do exclusively with the women, such as the fecundity, the abortion, the childbirths, the feminine sexuality In addition, its value and its entereza before the deceits of its husband and his disease, its world-wide fame as vanguardista artist and his pride by their cultural identity (mejicanidad) made of Frida Kahlo a model for the women of then. Therefore Frida Kahlo was an exceptional woman, as much in its life as in its art. It is very difficult to deal with his complex personality completely in only a pair of prafos. In order to understand better to Frida kahlo, it is essential to see his works; what Web can be done in many pages, as much in English as in Spanish. In addition, I advise the Frida film to him with Salma Hayek because he is very good in my opinion and quite faithful to the idea that I have of Frida Kahlo. For that they only know Frida to see the pel, then I recommend to them that they investigate plus its life and its art to become its own idea.


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