High Quality

Are from high quality the handling characteristics. Although the enormous forged 20-tariff wheels are equipped with comparatively tender 245er rubbers, the jeep lies outstanding on the road wuchtige. Particularly for the SRT8 Quadra Trac Active on and designed all-wheel drive mentioned with strengthened transfer case provides for best traction in all situations. In addition for a SUV comes sensitive steering element. Recover to hardness despised all sportyness and impressing a small side inclination the shock absorbing tuning did not fail the exaggerated hard body. Particularly at higher speeds the giant sovereign flies over also bad roadway unevenness. Apropos badly: Generously the Grand Cherokee SRT8 shows that it is a hammer SUV. Front apron, wuchtige Seitenschweller Fiese and two centrically platzierte, furnace-tubinglarge exhaust pipes do not let a doubt about its ambitions arise.

Kampfpreis And badly again: Even if the sport seats to outstanding side stop offer. Even if here and there something sport Deko in the form of aluminum and carbon atmosphere provide for screens. The quality seeming is altogether mau, because almost the entire interior trim consists of common hard plastics. The partial covering with leather at doors and the scoop over the center console helps only little there. On the other hand, finally goes the Grand Cherokee SRT8 with a Kampfpreis must be saved somewhere to the start. Upward, it already gives costs to competitors like Mercedes ML 63 AMG or the Porsche Cayenne turbo S 100,000 euro the jeep Topmodell for 63.690 euro. With full equipment, because extra such as CD change-over switches, DVD navigation system, sun roof, two-zone climatic mechanism and metal IC lacquer participate in series also. Result While the civilian versions owing to their sophisticated all-wheel drive genuine characteristics offer jeep Grand Cherokee, the Topmodell SRT8 jeep limited to bitumen presents itself as branch-pure SUV: ACE utility Vehicle keeps in track.

426 HP strong 6, 1-Liter-V8 given simply famose acceleration values, chassis and steering element provides for excellent handling characteristics. Who does not have a problem with the cheaply seeming Interieur, finds with the Grand Cherokee SRT8 an inexpensive alternative in the league of the over SUVs. Approximately 60,000 euro are certainly not pasteboard style, but with the competition pays wages to nearly the double one.

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