Golden Mountain

I do not know why! _ And now, what vocs they find that the authorities go to make? _ Who knows? Nobody more wants to be delegated here in Golden Mountain range. Although to love the city, after the death of the Fulgncio, everybody lives terrified with the history of the Legend and if the mayor or the judge not to take a step, the city goes to turn city ghost, done the films of caubi. _ But will be that he does not appear nor a man capable to be delegated and goes to be necessary the people to abandon the city? For what we know, the commission agents have only died. From there, if he concludes that the other people are free of the threat. _ Is there that Mr. if is deceptive, young man, therefore the four that they had abandoned were glad men, friends of everybody and later that they had left, they had not spoken with plus nobody.

The Epaminondas was as, wants to say, the first one after the Euclides. Rapidinho was everything very, exactly. Later that the Epaminondas it left, had assumed the Baltazar, the Enoque, the God and Miro. They had taken two months more or less, had delivered the police station and if they had closed without speaking with plus nobody. Only that it opened the peak died of laranjada.

The other wanted to be more male and received lead. Now, what it is that lacks? She is people to see a mount of tanks to enter for the street and the nazistas to finish with everything. Not! People lived a life tranquila to erase a shameful page and I, at least, do not have more nerves. He looks at, the Alberto there is that he had to be nominated delegated. Put citizen the crossbow, only lives with that guitar, seeming that never necessary of nobody.


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