Flush Fireresistant Glass

Requirements for preventive fire protection with aspects of aesthetics, combining design and efficiency, are the primary challenges in designing buildings. To ensure the operation in case of fire, there are standardized simulation tests. Fire protection glazing are classified in different fire resistance classes (F30, F60, F90, etc) and need the smoke passage of fire, and prevent heat at least over the specified period of time. The successful test is the basis for applying for a general building control approval at the German Institute for building technology. “Is the fixed glazing Planline 30 with the Nr. 19.14 – 1953 an approved construction product of fire resistance class F30 according to DIN 4102-13 design and fire protection with plays Planline 30 wood and glass of visually appealing and varied building materials wood the supporting role”. While you have the free choice of the type of wood, unless the density (air dry) is reached m of 410 kg / m. The minimum cross section dimensions of the frame profile are 40 x 68 mm.

The finish is run individually according to customer requirements. Oiled, clear or coloured lacquered matt or glossy. The greatest possible degree of the Planline glasses is 1500 x 2880 mm across – as well as horizontally. The glasses can be individually finished to the exact desired size (in mm). The margin of approx. 39 mm can this be enamelled in different colours according to RAL. Multi compatible Planline 30 can be run as a transparent window, skylight, side, glass panels in doors or continuous glazing (continuous). Is the fire-resistant glass with additional performance characteristics can be combined such as soundproofing, radiation and laser protection, personal safety and privacy in the space between the panes and offers perfect solutions for Office buildings, hospitals, schools and kindergartens, as well as residential and commercial buildings. Easy installation the ease of installation of the glass elements convinced because the locking system quickly and easily with the solid wood frame and subsequently invisible can be anchored.

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