Bremen Town Musicians

This is the styling. It performs a variety of functions: from the grotesque, from the witty and sly parody to the hidden author of the lyrics, hidden under a mask as if indirect lyrics portrayed the characters. The last detail is important: an extraordinary lyrical gift to the composer's personified in the guise of fairy-tale heroes, and heroes from different countries and eras. Many of its styling with this flirtatious both bear and seal the author's detached smile. Suffice it to recall the scene of the king and courtiers from the fairy tale "In the wake of Bremen Town Musicians, or the charming duet" Ah, madam "of a television movie "Ordinary Miracle." On the other hand, it means like stylization can afford in our rational age to express different emotions Sami without fear of appearing sentimental, naive and ridiculous.

Democracy it Music is one of the most remarkable of its qualities. He had not played enough, does not. To deepen your understanding real-estate developer is the source. It is based on assimilated hearing music and expressive means, which is far from exhausted. For example, the tone. in skilled tone hands still glowing set of colors, subject, however. logic semistupennoy modal system with a strict hierarchy of functions. Or harmony. All luxurious harmonic innovations of the composer built on strong classical base.

Can take any work Gladkova. remove the melodic patterns and rhythmic framework, leaving the harmonic skeleton: get excellent chorale. It's amazing ability to convey the composer's music polutonalnost emotional psychological state. Any feeling, expressed by the composer, it is not just recorded music-affect condition, and like crystal, rotating to the listener different faces: a joy, doubt, hope, desire His music can be likened to a living organism: breathing, developing. changing every second. How to write an outstanding musician and composer Boris Asaph. "Be in the music date and time are well heard. accessible – not in the vulgar sense of the word, destiny a few musicians: it is extremely rare talents "These words can be attributed entirely to Gladkov, for his writings highly professional and yet accessible, open, turned not to a handful, and not to the crowd, but each of us. He creates the music is easy and natural as breathing. She is comfortable lives on the plates and screens. outdoors and in the car trains, in kindergarten and in a "serious" institution in theater and concert hall.


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