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Scandals and imprisonment

Sade marriage after their wedding is installed in the castle echaffars in Normandy owned by the family of Renee, live in their care as agreed in the marriage contract.
Comes five months after the first incident. Sade travels to Paris and 29 October 1763 was arrested and taken to the fortress of Vincennes on the orders of the King. The reasons are last of this arrest. In any case, the arrest is related to one or more days of debauchery and a mysterious manuscript. Sade spends 15 days locked up until the family of his wife takes over and returns to the echaffars ordered not to leave the province without the royal permission.
On April 3 1764 received permission from the King to allow him to remain in Paris for 3 months. On May 17 takes over the direction of a theater in Evry, just 30 km from Paris, which represented works of contemporary hedge funds authors, Sade could have played any of them. On May 26 takes up his post as deputy governor general of family of funds Bresse, Bugey, and Gex Valromey before the parliament of Dijon. This summer stocks is going on in Paris and September 11 is permanently revoked the actual order of confinement .
In late 1764 the marriage Sade is located in Paris, also in the homes of Montreuil. Sade successively taking several lovers and regularly uses the public companies services of prostitutes. If we in this letter, Sade at that time still missed a wedding for love:
The days that only a marriage of convenience bring thorns have roses left to open Spring. As has now collected these days hate. From the hand of happiness had faded too quickly. The longer years of my life would not be enough to weigh my love. Arrodillaria me in continuing to worship the feet of my wife and the chains of duty, always covered in love, it would have snatched my heart just degrees of happiness. Vana ilusion! It sounds too sublime!
Letter of the Marquis de Sade
Life Sade license at that time contained in the papers of the inspector Marais. Marais reported directly investment to Lieutenant General Antoine de policia Sartine, follow the licensing activities of investment management the court members, including members of royal blood, and was responsible for preparing the daily Sartine given to Louis XV and Pompadour for your entertainment. They refer to their adventures with the actress Mlle Colette lover as he shared with another noble of the time .
In one of his reports, Marais writes: “Mr. Marques de Lignerac for imposition of his family, has been absolutely forced to leave Miss Colette, the Italian actress and dropping out to Mr. Marquis de Sade, who For its part is highly disturbed, as it is not rich enough to sustain itself by charging a woman in the show. ” Sade finally cut its relationship with Mlle. Colette intervention by his mother in law. After a broken relationship with Mlle. Colette, takes lovers to other actresses and dancers.
In 1765 took as a lover to Beauvoisin, one of the most sought after courtesans of Asset Management the court. Sade abandoned their conjugal home and takes it to the coast where it spent a few months. The cost is not in private and in presenting cases is mistaken for hedge funds his own wife. This makes it deserve the harshest criticisms of his family. Mme. Montreuil is from Paris to talk with his Ribostky uncle the abbot to make them see reason:
Use the force to separate them ‘You win with ease investment portfolio everything that the minister asked, but this would cause a scandal fund management and would be dangerous for: So, we should not do. The ‘ Do not miss ever seen because investors the only way to deal with is not to leave even a single moment. This is when he achieved last yearseparated from Colette and make them see reason then to convince that I was wrong. I doubt that this love with more ardor than the other: it was a frenzy. Everything has gone quite well since then until this Lent has been the encaprichado now .
Sade Beauvoisin to pass along at least two years.
In 1767 his father died, legandole various fiefdoms and the title of Count de Sade. el, however, preferred to continue using his title of Marquis, which had already been used by his family, although never legally the Marquis de Sade. Their first child, Louis-Marie, born on August 27 of that year. After the death of his father, could have returned to Beauvoisin .
Sade did not abandon his licentious life, alternating funds in court on April 16 of 1767 amounted to captain in the regiment’s commander maestre Caballeria field and continues with his love of theater to build several comedies.

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The main economic

The main economic activities along the river have historically been the leather trade and fishing. Subsistence fisheries of Pacific salmon provides some amount of the Eskimo diet along river. The discovery of gold along the upper reaches of the river in 1898 led to a Oro Fever” at the beginning of the twentieth century.
The first leg of the Iditarod Route” linking the peninsula from Seward to Nome through Iditarod, crossing the upper reaches of the river up to the town of McGrath.


FULL ACCESS TO INFORMATION STATE REVIEWS aid designed to promote the integration of cooperative state level. MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND RURAL AND MARINE measures to promote innovation in agricultural and agro-enterprises. MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND RURAL AND MARINE Grants to meet ordinary operating expenses paid to the different political formations represented in the Congress during the first quarter of 2009. Binomial name
Lutjanus campechanus
Poey, 1860
The huachinango, Lutjanus campechanus is a reef fish found off the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in the Americas and the Gulf of Mexico.
The huachinango commonly occurs at depths between 30 to 200 ft (10 to 60 m), but sometimes can be up to a maximum depth of 100 meters (300 feet). Remain relatively in the background, and inhabit rocky bottoms of the reefs, including overseas oil rigs and shipwrecks.
Huachinango the body is very similar in form to other fish. All have a characteristic profile, with the dorsal fin and body compressed laterally. The huachinangos teeth are short and sharp, but lack of upper canines found in other similar fish.
Huachinango color red is slightly pink, with an intense pigmetacion on the back. Younger fish have dark spots on their sides but disappear with age.
Like other similar fish, the huachinangos are very sociable and tend to form large schools of fish around wrecks and reefs. These schools are usually formed with fish of about the same size.
The huachinangos are a tasty meal and were fishing commercially and for recreation. Commercially, they were caught with several hooks with white hair, as its net fishing is banned in the Gulf of Mexico, where most of the fish comes from.
Genetic studies have shown, however, that sold as many fish are not really huachinango L. campechanus, but other species of the same family.
The huachinango eat almost anything, but prefer small fish and crustaceans. They can be caught with live bait as well as meat in pieces, but they can also fish with lures, but with more difficulty. Catch fish is typically between 4.5 kg and measuring 50 cm long, however, have come to bring fish up to 18 kg.
A huachinango reaches sexual maturity at age 2-5 years and can live for up to 20 years.
Recent studies have shown that the characteristic staining huachinango get the shrimp.

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Public life after his presidency

In May 2001 he married the former model (Miss Universe 1987) and Chilean television host Cecilia Bolocco, which start with the divorce proceedings in February 2008. She has a child with: Maximum Menem Bolocco, who was born in 2005.
On June 7, 2001 was arrested on charges of arms trafficking to Ecuador and Croatia during his administration (in 1991 and 1996) being under house arrest until November of that year when the Supreme Court issued a ruling in favor of acquittal. He was accused of having diverted the fate of weapons according to decrees signed by iban a ir a Panama, Venezuela and Bolivia but ended up in Ecuador and Croatia. The diversion of weapons to Ecuador was against the barrier that Argentina had the sale, being guarantor of peace in the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro, between Argentina and Peru, who were in the midst of a war, and Notwithstanding the support, political and logistical, which gives the Peru Argentina in the Falklands War. In the case of Croatia was prevented by the embargo of the UN in the conflict that divided Yugoslavia. During the year 2007 came to be tried by Judge Rafael Caputo, although it had the protection of parliamentary immunity because Senator Rioja. In October 2008 he was starting a trial on the matter. The lawyers requested February 3, 2008 the cancellation of the trial .
It also accuses him the possession of undeclared bank accounts in Swiss banks. In this case was acquitted after an opinion by Judge Christine Junod in Switzerland, stating that had no bank account in that country.
As to the cause of the explosion of the R o Tercero factory, which occurred shortly after beginning his second term, the Federal Chamber of Cordova cancel his testimony in the investigation into the causes of that event in November 2008 to 13 years occurred. The reason is because it is decoupled from the then prosecutor Carlos Stornelli never ask the questioning of former president .
During a workshop held at the Club de Mar del Plata, Menem expressed his idea of running as a candidate for president in the upcoming elections which will take place in 2011 .

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