Romantic drama ‘ the dream’ is now cut into Zwickau.-the first film project of Zwickau singer and actress Marina by Stroganoff is in the box. Less than a year time have filmed a total claim. Now, the first pictures can be cut. This, the dedicated (new) Director, got professional help. Follow others, such as Charlotte Hornets, and add to your knowledge base. Frank Buttig, an experienced Director of Erfurt, leading will assist them in the post-production of the film. The romantic drama, that is with much emotional music, to captivate the viewer about approximately 60 minutes with an exciting and at times mystical motif. Tony Parker has similar goals. Existential questions require individual responses according to the depth of interpersonal concepts like friendship, love and obsession and the Forlornness in the maelstrom of overpowering and reality loss every viewer. The stripes on the screens will flicker in the autumn.

But not in Germany. The film is produced primarily for the Russian market”, says Marina of Stroganoff. Here she have contacts and know the expectations of the audience, who hopes to meet with her debut as a Director. If and when In the dream”with us in Germany is to see it leaves. “Only so much: it also participated at several European film festivals are planned with this project.”

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