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Food Kebabs

All people should want and love to absorb food. Previously, the food was only nutritious and monotonous, and its aim was to satisfaction of the enemy – hunger. In the process of human development as a society, in general, everyone wanted to direct something somewhat better here, and then began to gain momentum of growth the whole food industry. Now on the market, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, we can see in the proposed menu, a huge selection of delicious delicacies and distinctiveness and originally cooked food for any visitor. But widespread, closer to the summer comes in one natural products and etoshashlyk. Spring or midsummer – irrelevant. The main factor – the warm outdoor weather preferably the lack of snow cover and, consequently, the ability to go on nature or dacha.

It is in these places often gather large or small, but with the warmth of the soul and friendly , noting whatever holiday or just coming of spring, preparing kebabs. Set the grill and light it. After the cut fresh meat, pre-plastered his specially prepared mixture, pull out skewer, plant a piece of fragrant meat on his brilliant sting. Wait until the formation of red coals and place a skewer on top, to roasted meat. And in addition, at the same time to control the cooking process. Is this process not give you pleasure? And around nature + variety of food, which comes to us from abroad, Contrast allocates pizza. Pizza – tasty and nutritious meal, which can be purchased for a minimum price, in general, in any city. Also, most companies currently carry courier and often free.

When there is no desire to cook something for lunch and in the presence of some amount of – an elementary and easily dial a number, and after 10-30 minutes, directly dependent on your location, the pizza on the house will come fully hot and with a wonderful, captivated taste of cheese, sausage, ham, olives, onions or anything else that actually depends on your wishes. Although main home of pizza – Italy, our chefs in full and of sufficient quality have learned how to cook. Completely unique 'community' pizza will take your breath away with its refinement and originality. Cook – creative nature and it helps them reproduce such masterpieces, in general, of all that directly they prepare itself in the same number of pizzas. If suddenly you have not tried the pizza (though such people virtually none) – do not miss the opportunity to enjoy its superb taste. A spring mood will allow you to experience the true taste of barbecue at the heart of nature. Food is a direct part of human activity throughout life. May this food will be for you personally, tasty and good!

Melancholic Song

Fado is the heart of the Portuguese soul and is more alive than ever. A new generation of artists railroad joins the legendary voices of the past. The essential element of fado music on the “saudade”, or what in Portuguese is translated as longing. It is a sad music that sings to the destination (fado comes from the Latin fas, Fatuma, and is synonymous with “destiny”), death, love, betrayal, despair and melancholy. The origin of this popular music dates back to early nineteenth century among the lower classes and slums. Fado was heartbreaking music of taverns, brothels and the dark corners of the districts of Alfama and Mouraria, the old and poor in Lisbon. Later, these songs from the suburbs, they were very fashionable among the aristocratic class, who introduced these verses in their lives as an eccentricity.

Like many other types of popular music, such as Argentine tango, American blues or Spanish flamenco, fado should not defined, but padala as a delicacy. Both men and women can sing fado, but the public almost always prefer a female voice for this genre. A good fado exaggerate their facial expressions and gestures with determination in their actions. The hands move from side to side with elegant swings, while the body remains static. This genre reached its golden age in the first half of the twentieth century when the Portuguese dictatorship of Salazar forced the fado singers to become professional and confined in the houses of fado (premises that were fitted for this purpose). Today, the fado is protected by official institutions, and is grown as a tourist spectacle. Amalia Rodrigues was the queen of fado, idolized at home and celebrated abroad as the most famous representative of Portuguese culture. Other greats in this genre have been Carlos Ramos, Alfredo Marceneiro, Berta Cardoso, Maria Teresa de Noronha, Herminia Silva, Fernando Farinha, Fernando Mauricio, Lucilia do And Manuel de Almeida Carmo.

Today, Cristina Branco and Mariza Fado are two of the most cheered. Both seek to bring this kind between the exercise of tradition and new trends. If you travel to Lisbon, do not forget to visit a show of fado. There are numerous restaurants where you dine to the sound of beautiful fado. The best fado houses are in the neighborhoods of Alfama, Mouraria, Bairro Alto and Madragoa. Find the best accommodation between them.

Series Highlights

Series review 2012/13: the myFanbase editorial team chooses their tops and flops of the last US-Serienseason Herne, 6 June 2013. The US Serienseason 2012/13 leans toward the end: some few episodes have not yet been, but most series the shocking, romantic, dramatic finale are TV already across the screens times with a Happy ending, time with nasty Cliffhanger. To bypass the silly season until the beginning of the new season, the myFanbase editorial staff takes a look back on the best and the disappointing that has brought the world series in the last months this year. In the series that went in the autumn and in the spring on the air are included for one, but also the styles that have been started in the midseason. In the categories of characters, relationships, storylines and moments the authors choose their personal tops and flops and also this year the King category is at the end: what were the best and disappointing seasons in the last Serienseason? Characters and Bore: At the top and flop characters among Will Schuester from “Glee”, Daenerys Targaryen out “Game of Thrones” and hook from “Once Upon a Time” abound this year, but to the best and which belong to the disappointing characters, which will not reveal yet. To the schools and to the eye-rolling: some series relationships make it on a roller coaster ride of emotions to take with the audience, while others leave us unfortunately completely indifferent. In this category, including the love triangle between Damon, Elena and Stefan from “Vampire Diaries”, the mother-daughter relationship by Juliette and Jolene from “Nashville” and the romance between Jess and Nick from “New Girl” shows up in the review of the series 2012/13. Can the total package convince? If all components of a series of perfectly play together, build up superbly drawn characters, rousing relations, compelling storylines and great moments to a masterpiece of fiction then you can definitely by one of the best seasons of the last season speak.

National Program

Sheep et alii affirms: The control of virus H1N1 for the specific vaccine availability offers advantages (reducing morbimortalidade) and favors the maintenance of the infrastructure, without supercapacities, of the services of health, for attendance to the population. Other benefits associates are the reduction of the transferability risk, aptitude of the health workers, keeping the full functioning of the services. (SHEEP ET ALII, 2010, P. 211) five stages of vaccination from the definition of with priority groups had been defined. In this manner, the Brazilian system of health would be capable to take care of the population in opportune time aiming at to prevent that it came to adoecer in reason of Influenza Pandmica (H1N1) 2009. According to Health department (2010), many had been the factors considered in the joint of the strategy so that if it could face one second pandemic wave since 2009. For the success of this planning, the vaccination of the Brazilian population was the basic point.

Still in accordance with the Health department (2010), took in account the following factors: 1. Situation epidemiologist of influenza pandemic in Brazil. 2. Comment of 2 wave in the Hemisphere North. 3. Recommendation of the Committee Assessor Technician of the National Program of Immunizations PNI/SVS/MS. 4. Recommendations of the OMS and Organization Pan-American of Sade (OPAS) to define with priority public.

5. Joint with scientific societies, CFM, AMB, ABEN, Conass and Conasems. 6. Criterion of support of the services of health to organize the strategy, aiming at not to have exhaustion in the capacity of opportune attendance to the population. 7. Vaccine supply for the producing laboratories in opportune time, that is, before the sazonalidade waited for the second pandemic wave. (BRAZIL, 2010, P. 7) From the analysis of these factors the called groups had been defined with priority. Sheep et alii comments: Some groups of patients had been gratified had to the potential risk to evolve with serious forms of the disease (lesser children of 2 years of age, aged above of 65 years of age, carriers of chronic illnesses, obesos mrbidos, gestantes, populations of origin aboriginal).