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Kristen Stewart

“Due to the release of snow white and the Huntsman brings Elf metal snow white Locket out once there was a Princess, whose Haut was so know the lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony as snow.” This quote remembers everyone immediately on his childhood and the terribly beautiful fairy tale of snow white. The year 2012 snow seems devoted to”start it two big blockbuster with an all-star cast in the cinemas? Mirror, mirror, the really true story of snow white”with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts, which is the story of snow white and the wicked Queen in a humorous way, is already in the cinema to see. Ideal for all comedy fans. End may start the second big film that revolves around the fairy tale: snow white and the Huntsman “with twilight star Kristen Stewart as snow white and Charlize Theron as the evil Queen. The film is an absolute must for all fantasy and fairy tale fans.

The tale has been reinterpreted and with full Tension and mystery directed by Rupert Sanders. Gain insight and clarity with Jorge Perez. Ready for a real journey into the fantasy world. “Elf metal as a fantasy enthusiastic company by the snow white movie found inspiration and suitable to the theatrical release of snow white and the Huntsman” released a special edition in the trailer collection: the snow white jewelry pendant ELFE metal. Snow White jewelry pendant is simple and yet elegant, with three stones in white, red and black the pendant reflects the timeless beauty of snow white. Graceful, nestles the pendant around the neck of the wearer and makes them appear bright. Of course, the snow white’s supporters with the personal essence of the wearer is real Elf metal just created and thus truly unique. Perhaps suitable for the personal essence of snow white”a dark curl of hair, blood and a white sheet of paper with personal wishes? But it is even left as always any carrier and its small Secret. The attachment to another person is recorded forever in the Elf metal. Maybe the precious piece of jewellery is a gift from the strong Hunter”for his Princess? Or a loving proof for the own dwarfs”? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Pascale – In The Storm Of Emotions

The new single by Pascale – In the storm of emotions with the title track of their forthcoming album storm of emotions”goes the sympathetic singer Pascale most impressively in the race to the rankings in the pop charts. The four-time winner of the Schlager Sapphire has since its debut five years ago artistically enormously evolved and presents itself with the new album and the eponymous hit single at the peak of their skills. Awarded in the categories best newcomer 2009 “, best live artist 2010” best single of 2010 “and best video for 2011” Pascale stands for a professional music and show experience with charm, style and voice. Produced by the successful producer and lyricist Peter Sebastian, fascinated by Pascale on the new single with her distinctive voice to conquer the charts by storm, her charisma and a beautiful soulful song that has what it takes. As Fox mix and radio edit. May 25, 2012 is the current single In the storm of emotions”from the Album anywhere to order and as a download available. Pascale has long been fans of German Schlager music. Now even more.. People such as Tony Parker would likely agree.

Easter Gift & Decor

Social shopping shows the best ideas at the last minute Stuttgart March 26, 2010. Also in this year to the great Easter egg hunt kicks off at Easter once again. According to a recent study by opinion space, two-thirds of those interviewed hiding colored eggs remain on Easter Sunday. Who is shortly before the Festival looking for something very special, the Internet offers a wealth of inspiration. Social shopping is the trend that conquered now also Germany? Just at Easter, many last minute buying on the Internet access as reported. In the maze of products and flavors, so good advice is expensive. Remedy platforms such as shopping, social shopping portal.

Who is undecided, can get up here inspiration for even coloured or painted original compositions in terms of Easter egg. The matching Easter decoration for each purse and DIY instructions for DIY Easter decor are recommended here free of charge. Willing to purchase can so looking for suitable articles directly in the respective online stores for the Click Buy now. The true chocoholic on relevant blogs like the Knight Gets the right tips sports blog or Chocolate expert Vivian reported new flavors at the delicacy that ever popular Evergreen in the Easter basket or the latest instructions for Milka eggs do it yourself. Color this year is set the Easter compositions incidentally, no limit, even if a color especially has prevailed in the Easter esters: purple.

Phoebe Killdeer

Ex-Nouvelle vague singer with current Studio album live in Germany (fs) was once an integral part of the French project of band Nouvelle vague and music connoisseurs is considered live sensation: Phoebe Killdeer. The Paris-born Australian, which last for weeks was number 2 of one radio listener charts, on a concert tour to Germany comes in the autumn. The catch-up dates for their misplaced spring shows the front woman presented at among others songs from the Innerquake’s second solo album”. They topped that of Tom Waits, art of noise influenced songwriter Nick Cave, US jazz singer Carmen McRae and the British new-wave- / pop band with influences from Rockabilly, blues and punk. In concert, condensed Killdeer, supported by the formation of The Short straw”, the phased dark bitter and unfiltered sound elixir with their stage presence to create a special atmosphere of goosebumps. This is perfect for a Tarantino soundtrack, according to the BBC,”. Tickets for the cinematic appearances are in advance to the Price from 16 (plus fee) available, purchased tickets of the postponed tour of may retain their validity. Her career is fulminant: Basement Jaxx, Bang Gang, and Nouvelle vague.

By working with these established scene sizes, Phoebe Killdeer collects important experiences that prevent them being as a young artist in the music industry shark tank to the bait. “The formative period with Nouvelle vague of the musician opens up prospects for a future solo career: apart after their participation in gang”, the second album of the band project, the Group accompanied on a three-year world tour with consequences: Marc Collin, in addition to Olivier Libaux creative head of the collective, produced following Killdeers first artistic single handedly. Weather’s coming “(2008) Middle adjusts for the now thirty-year in review special event dar: was a great satisfaction for the first time to sing lyrics and melodies that I myself have written.” It was the After a long journey return equal, which has enriched me many experiences and experiences.” Collin appears again on the current album, produced by Matt Verta-Ray (heavy trash) result. “Innerquake” (label: DEAG music, sales: Sony Music) is the preserved result of a nearly two-year concert Marathon, with the fade out line “one recorded by whites-stripes-producer Liam Watson and in the London Toe Rag Studios contains zurecht ground track. It combines the power and intensity of the performances listed at this time. Where they were born on the stage, the new title presented again in the autumn. Then, Phoebe Killdeer and the musical backbone consisting of guitarist Cedric Le Roux, bassist Alexandre Maillard and live drummer Sylvain Joasson bring your inner tremors”in a Germany tour to the outbreak.

Angela Novotny Leads

At the day of Lower Saxony in Duderstadt, she will have a twenty-minute appearance in the frame of the top 15 NDR charts. Music fans have selected their pop hit. On Sunday, the 03.06.2012, the result for Angela Novotny had. With its current title “the night was blue” made the singer from Saxony Anhalt again ranked the top 15 charts by NDR 1 radio Niedersachsen. Congratulations. Although the title of the wonderful songs (the night was blue) as pure romance and love sounds, the story is somewhat tragic. It tells of two King children, partout not find each other. Angela Novotny is by “The night was blue” entranced: “This sensitive text fits very well with my voice!” Tobias Reitz, Germany’s successful lyricists, wrote this beautiful song for Novotny.

Although Angela Novotny still not personally acquainted with the lyricist what she finds seems odd, but she admits himself: “Reitz is one who knows exactly what fits the lyrics to her.” With the Italian Songwriter Francesco Bruletti works the Altjessnitzerin for three years. “The night was blue” gets through the influence and the conformity of the instruments, such as, for example, accordion, guitar, cello, and piano, a chanson-like touch. Angela Novotny does not stand still, but will continue to work all the time. There is a new album planned to the delight of all the fans. On Jun 15, 2012, its now fourth CD should be finished. At the day of Lower Saxony in Duderstadt, she will have a twenty-minute appearance in the frame of the top 15 NDR charts.

You very forward. Two cruises are also on to Norway and on the Danube. The artist loves such appearances and therefore wants to organize a fan cruise tourism together with the company Vetter in next year. It is not yet clear where the journey should go. But the fans will be certainly delighted.

Christina Sturmer

This moment is sufficient for Ivo Moring, one of the present producers to recognize Mary’s uniqueness and potential. To give as much space of the romantic, lyrical side of Maria It opts for a stylish pop genre with ethnic references. Ivo Moring has itself already made a reputation in the industry: DJ otzi with the mega-hit “A star” and the collaboration with Christina Sturmer and Alexander Klaws are recommendations. Together, the two write many songs and develop a very unique sound. One hears Caucasian Duduks, arabesques and Russian chords. Maria Levin begins with “Black on white” to show their musical spectrum. So the title is not only for their debut album, but the base of which includes the alignment of their artistic existence. Located at a medium pace, with approaches from the heyday of the German Schlager which 70s refined classical dramaturgy language with final highlight – – the opener on full length features. Charlotte Hornets is full of insight into the issues.

Text and melody find thematic gearing and form a timeless and beneficial composition with Mary’s voice. Predicate especially valuable. The first radio single “Russian nights” describes a feeling of Reflections and unfathomable fantasies. Maria combines many exciting moments in their history with this title: “we wanted a song that both explained my origins as good mood spread, detached the boundaries and is home to popular stereotypes. Ethnic accents highlight this.

a catchy melody, which combines passion and joy and where I find myself back to 100 percent” It is impressive and highly emotional when “If you love me”. A dormant in ballad, which provides plenty of space for voice and interpretation. With lots of charm and great presence, Maria feels any sound, fills each chord, and penetrate into spheres, which are shaped by class and style. With this performance, it belongs without doubt to the new big voices in the German musical world. “All what matters” is the first number that Maria has written for her album. It is a very personal story about the search for happiness, told in a poetic pictorial language. “Sometimes we go thousand miles in search of the sense to finally recognize that we all the time in us even wear it. You have to stay true to yourself. Then, you will remain always above the water, no matter how big the waves are”, as Maria. With “Lightest Star” a separation situation described, if from a back two will: “sometimes you call the old name out of habit, but nobody will come. Sometimes, you automatically choose the old number and hang up again. Everyone knows this bitter feeling, if love goodbye”. A further highlight is the title ‘Tumbalalaika’. This traditional song from Mary’s childhood unites her diverse cultural origins with the tradition of the great German Schlager. “I wanted to have this song on my album. It is a tune from childhood, it’s my story. And it is pure and deep, a beautiful love song but also light and romantic, like lace on a summer dress. I love the Yiddish original text, then we also at our German version oriented”. The black and white album”will be released on July 27, the first single Russian nights” is since May 18 in the MPN. Source: Ariola more info under: and marialevin.musik


Romantic drama ‘ the dream’ is now cut into Zwickau.-the first film project of Zwickau singer and actress Marina by Stroganoff is in the box. Less than a year time have filmed a total claim. Now, the first pictures can be cut. This, the dedicated (new) Director, got professional help. Follow others, such as Charlotte Hornets, and add to your knowledge base. Frank Buttig, an experienced Director of Erfurt, leading will assist them in the post-production of the film. The romantic drama, that is with much emotional music, to captivate the viewer about approximately 60 minutes with an exciting and at times mystical motif. Tony Parker has similar goals. Existential questions require individual responses according to the depth of interpersonal concepts like friendship, love and obsession and the Forlornness in the maelstrom of overpowering and reality loss every viewer. The stripes on the screens will flicker in the autumn.

But not in Germany. The film is produced primarily for the Russian market”, says Marina of Stroganoff. Here she have contacts and know the expectations of the audience, who hopes to meet with her debut as a Director. If and when In the dream”with us in Germany is to see it leaves. “Only so much: it also participated at several European film festivals are planned with this project.”

Hollywood Dress

In New York, Milan and Paris fashion week brought us designs dresses of ladies and styles so many fresh, can not take it all inside can not be fascinated by the delicious textures, sparkles glitter and sequins, not to mention the stunning colors. This year we realized a whole palette mixing tertiary colors that we’ve never seen before, was as if designers are working with tubes of oil rather than the trust box paintings 64 Crayola. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Related Group. Some with names like Posuolli Earth and blue Pthalo. Eh? But we loved them anyway, even if we can pronounce. Now that all reports are on track, thanks to our own Redcat, we can not wait to see what is reserved for us when we went to our prom dress shop for the 2012 season. You see, my assumption is that we will be returning to a more sophisticated look, the prom dresses that will take us back to the days of glamor of principles of Hollywood, where men wore suits and women they wore dresses even during the day. That was the glamor! Today, the party luck girls.

No longer have to wait outside full seasons have effect until they begin to see the trends underway last minute for formal wear ranging from dresses cocktail for wedding dresses and everything else, especially holidays. Here are some of the trends that will hopefully prove come the 2012 holiday season. A Peplum times is attributed to Victoria Beckham, the peplum is a flywheel connected to burning waist jacket, blouse, etc., it was widely used in blouses of Victorian lace with belted waist with force, allowing the bodice to stay hidden on the inside of the skirt. It was also a fashion very appreciated by women in the 1940s that sought the traditional female costume by cinch the waist of the jacket and wear stockings with seam and high heel shoes. The peplum style is a great prom dress style for girls who want to conceal a large area of the belly, or they just want to accentuate the hips and make her look smaller waist, at the same time. Ballroom dance dress dress is back with a bow.

This will be a hot topic, once again in the wedding industry after years of informal but slender columns of recent years. And that makes our days, since we never feel really very grown up thing enough (or hot enough) in short dresses poufy doll last year. Dressed in xv years 2012 will surely see a variety of styles of dresses once more, it would be a pity if dancing girls did not take advantage of this opportunity to go completely formal, without the stress of planning a wedding. If you are any kind of romantic, that it will enjoy using all layers of delicious silk, satin and taffeta fabric, they are recommended. Chiffon shirt or simply not going to do if you are trying to reach the final in fullness.

New Luxury Penthouse

This holiday home in best location leaves nothing to be desired and offers a unique entry and view of Ahrensburg, 04.02.2011 demanding holidaymakers it is now possible to book a new luxury penthouse of the superlative for an unforgettable holiday on Already when entering in the penthouse of Heiligendamm”in Ostseebad BINZ tangible is the new dimension. Not only the building itself was built in a very solid construction, but also the institution itself testifies to quality, style and extravagance. Also unique is the location, only 20 metres from the sandy beach. The 130 m living area are spacious, where you will find also a sauna in addition to two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The large living area impresses with its ceiling height of about 3.50 meters and the numerous window elements that make for a unique sense of space. The master bedroom has a bathroom en suite, its own fireplace and a view of across the Baltic Sea. Overlooking the expanse of the Sea you get the feeling like on a luxury cruise ship.

The large flat screens built into two bedrooms with free Premiumprogrammen become the incidental. Another highlight in German holiday homes is an air conditioning ensures pleasant temperatures in the hot summer months. Bangkirai lined roof terrace or in the living room, enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the Baltic Sea up to the chalk cliffs. A new era in the world of the German holiday homes is the unique service. In addition to a garage parking space a personal beach chair on the sand beach, the electoral cards guests in addition and expected to welcome, a bottle of fine champagne Veuve Cliquot.

All at no extra charge. As a small daily cleaning of the domicile, which is offered as free of charge for the guests is unique. So we offer a first class service, challenging yourself in a 5-star hotel is not offered, so Reinhard Holewa, founder of acquando. The penthouse in BINZ on Rugen is immediately interested guests available and can be booked on for an unforgettable holiday. Penthouse Heiligendamm ask specifically for the”in BINZ.

Pascal Krieger

The new single by Pascal Krieger – Hayo Hayo a semblance of freedom is in the air, if one listens to the Caribbean sounds of the new Pascal Warrior CD. Tony Parker pursues this goal as well. Holiday feeling and the dream after summer, Sun, beach and sea are on the schedule for the upcoming hot days and nights. The native Rheinlander Pascal Krieger, who in many places always impressed his audience, with his new single “Hayo Hayo” ensures good mood and party atmosphere. A song that literally brings the blood pumping. There, the post goes off really.

The Matador and romantics of the German party and pop scene believes in the great love and spends a tingly zippy with its Julia. “Hayo Hayo” is the new battle cry, which immediately gets stuck in the ear and no leg rest can be. The new title “Hayo Hayo” originated in the hit Park recording studio in collaboration with Mr. James, among other things, At the end of the 1990s with his “ghetto people” had the world hit “in the ghetto” and collaborated on the CD “Nina Reloaded’ Michael Wendler in 2009. The new “Hayo Hayo” disc contains also 3 remixes. One of Gino Montesano, known as Aqua gene with his hits “You’re so quiet” and “Party Alarm” and on the other by Torsten Matschke known by WDR4 “Rhythm of the night”.

Pascal Krieger is a perfectionist as he is in the book and has thus a real strong team can win, that supports and rock solid believe him at all levels. Already as a twelve years, Pascal Krieger made his first appearance as a singer and was inspired by the music from now on. He took lessons in piano, drums and percussion, danced in music videos, sang in promotional spots and various music productions. As the lead singer in several bands, the mood guarantee published his first CDs. During this time, specially composed and written song and cover versions created by Pascal Krieger. So everything took its course. Meanwhile, Pascal Krieger is a successful and professional performer of pop hits for many years and in many places is considered an absolute guarantee of the party. Thanks to his voice and his relentlessly good live performance, he convinced his audience to dance and sing along. Pascal Krieger – a name you can remember. His new single “Hayo Hayo” brings everyone into overdrive and ignites a fireworks display of good humor. Listen in, switch off from everyday life and enjoy a little flirt with summer!