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Summer Time

Just on this day was the first new moon after the winter solstice. Finally, humanity can have a continuous 46,400 year history chronology from 25,101 bc and ending with 21 299 ad Divided into 4 periods, this huge amount of time, how-to describes the origin of the Earth (such as "Winter" means – Ice Age, and "Spring" – rastayanie ice and the emergence of continents, and now we live in a period of "Summer Time", etc. 11,600 years of the first period (winter): 25,101 bc – 13 500 years. bc – 78 (78) days, the difference between the Julian and Tropical quantity; 11,600 years the second period (Spring): 13,501 bc – 1 900 years. bc – 86 (164) days difference between the Julian and Tropical quantity; 11,600 year old third year (Summer): 1901 bc – 9699 years. bc – 93 (257) days, the difference between the Julian and tropical value, 11,600 year old third year (Autumn): 9700 ad – 21,299 years. bc – 103-108 (360-365) days, the difference between the Julian and Tropical quantity.

Further, based on the whole 464 year cycle of Z, we were a universal lunisolar "perpetual" calendar. In its 293 years consist of 12 months, 171 a year from 13 months. These years are arranged so that: 165 '354 + 128' 355 + 60 '383 + 89 '384 + 22' 385 = 58410 + 45440 + 22980 + 34176 + 8470 = 169 476 days 6 days = 28,246 a week eventually get rhythmic lunar-solar calendar, with an initial date of 464 year cycle of Z begins with 1 January and the 464 year cycle of Z ends on December 31, but lunar months range between 6.

Big Bang Particles

Galaxy we can see inside it as the Milky way. When you rotate the Earth around the Sun has a speed of 30 km / sec. If we consider that the Sun, in addition to rotation, moves even within the space between the two branches of the spiral in the direction of what – the stars, then come to the conclusion that the Earth with its atmosphere makes complex motion with vector velocity slightly less than 300 km / sec. Speed of rotation of the Earth around its axis can be neglected. Then, in our case, we obtain an important conclusion: the particles of the atmosphere (troposphere, stratosphere and the ionosphere) in the motion in space has a velocity of 300 km / s, and hence the very large kinetic energy (the product of particle mass on its velocity). Opening of cmb showed that the temperature in space is equal to 2.7 K.

Chernin writes that interstellar molecules were naturally a thermometer indicating the temperature of the microwave background astronomers. These molecules are nothing but the remains of scattered after the Big Bang, particles that have not joined the gaseous nebula. They are under the gravitational influence of stars and tend to form clots, and thinning. These particles, mostly of the molecule hydrogen at a temperature of 2.7 K have very little kinetic energy. From – the small velocities can be considered permanently located in one and the same point in world space. Consider the principle of domestic thermos. Between the bulb and the housing creates a slight vacuum, resulting in boiling water poured into the flask cools down for a long time.

Comedy Club

I had been writing scripts for various jokes of KVN teams and Arthur knows about my creativity, so he called me into his creative team. Whether to laugh at themselves Comedy Club? Will the girl in the Comedy Club on stage? Answer: This is most important. And about the question about girls in Comedy: the scene should be a little jerk, and the girl is not talking. Comment (Marina): Yes I would like to say that there is censorship Comedy Club, a sort of vulgarity and it's funny, but not from the lips of the girl, because some things will not sound as funny as this guy does. If tomorrow the end of the world as spend today? Answer: Excellent question. Soak skewers, take a towel and go to the creek. And the roll call of all who had to call in the last 10 years.

Any successful duo – a dialogue between two entities that complement each other very often it is the contrasts. Also, I do not believe that a duet on stage can be absolute equality, should be the one who sets the pace. Who's Who in the duet with Kharlamov and Batrutdinovym? How is their communication outside the scene? Answer: Who sets the pace in the room, depends on the number. Igor Kharlamov up with ideas, Timur bring them to mind. In addition, we have our own creative department, and finally Marina (smiles). Kharlamov played stupid and limited people.:) Timur plays the arrogant and presumptuous.:) Where you're looking for inspiration for their rooms? Answer: Inside the head it comes.

War Movies

Because of what is so great popularity of movies about the war? And why the well-known parameters of world cinema have worked on this theme: Kubrick, Verhoeven, Spielberg, Wilder, Stone and other equally famous directors? For humanity war – this litmus for the internal state of human touch on the war you, and you'll feel inside of you lye or acid eating away … Life in the war – it is understood that this time – as the last, when the sense of enhanced so that sometimes the hero loses sensitivity to the feelings and sensations, and his whole world looks like a cloudy mirror, in which he sees a shadowy reality. War – an excellent material for biographical stories and dramas. What else besides walking on the edge of death, compels a person to show themselves? And no matter who will be a character movie gunner, POW, a pilot or a tanker … The main theme is still the man himself.

What if This inside him … Helplessness? Blindness? Hatred? Fear? As he makes his mind work? Where is the boundary by going that everything is permitted? As it is abstracted from the outside, and caused not their lives, when murder is not a crime. And what will happen then to those who took it all … 'Farewell to Arms, "" Alpine Ballad', 'Platoon', 'The Dawns Here Are Quiet', 'Come and see' – great masterpieces of world cinema and books on filmmaking. Films War – it's almost always a spectacle, because this film genre is one of the most expensive. It requires the extras, consultants, fireworks, decorations, costumes, and that is quite a large amount.

View such military movies in the 'rag' as online, it's like eating caviar with a spoon and dirty grit sand. Mutilate themselves unfit impression from the movie audio, translation or dubbing here unsuitable. You can download the movies in the military quality, which will fully immerse themselves in the film. Download a military band – the only way to get interested can meet from direct contact with the director's intention. To the great Unfortunately, recent history and the history of XX century gave the filmmakers a lot of ways to script and stage for current events: Afgan, the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War, Chechnya, Europe in the First World, China, genocide, many smaller conflicts and resistance. To feel what it means, you just need to download the movies about World War II, or choose to download the tape from a long list from almost any source hostilities. Clearly, this story will be passed through the filter of fantasy, ideas, hopes, and calls for the director and thought, as any individual, the author's opinion – he will not be entirely objective. However, sensible thinking people about the events that formed the basis of historical twists, combined with the artistic delights of masters at all times was the 'lure' for moviegoers, the connoisseurs of cinema history and those who are involved in those events, who they have a – a sullen look.


January 29, 2009 was released in cinemas in Russia a long-awaited film by me – RocknRolla Guy Ritchie for his ten-year directing career, which began brilliantly with the debut of 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) 1998, showed us what he able, so the Rock-n-rolschik'e lay a big responsibility – not to fall face in the dirt in front of fans. And, most importantly, it just never happened! (And I do not think that will happen) I personally liked the film, the more that so much time waiting for his appearance on the screen. Let's start in order … The first thing that catches the eye, or rather, ear – which began with the first seconds of music – a stylish, interesting soundtrack, a short introduction the narrator, a cherished name and the names of actors, performing leading roles … began diving in the movie … Even as a standard is familiar with the main characters – a brief profile and pormorolik. The plot … a few stories and they are all intertwined …

a major – still, not about concerts and rock and roll, and almost a standard (think 'Snatch' or 'Lock, Stock …'). A couple of bonehead gets into debt. Money should not Lohamei from the market and, as always, the main authority of the city))) then all the old, well-established pattern. Must repay, give nothing, therefore, must steal (well, and where else can you earn 7 million?) … Robbery.

At this time there were as many as 2 pieces! Total duration of minutes))), but how spectacular, original and beautiful! (It should be easy to see) Well, of course, interesting and even fun to watch foreign actors are Russian, and even speak our language … but Richie 'WE' turned more or less 'normal' (and then, because there was no winter caps with a red star on his head and vodka). What I would like to add more soon … the pattern will speak 'as always …' but really, movies are so similar Ritchie … but all successful, which means that change does not need anything!! After all, there is no better school than old school! The cast is perfectly matched, initially lacked Stethema, but then the feeling is gone, as Mr. One-Two (Gerard Butler) coped their task to 'excellent'. Awesome shot scene sex … simple, fast, and very much, and 'no extra' details … 'Are you afraid! Even the dress does not get crushed "and the scene in the tunnel. Simply chic! Pile of sparkling humor varying degrees 'Temnosti' shooting, chase and dynamic picture leaves a decent impression of you looked. For completeness, feeling once again planning to review the film … Take the best moments of cinematic range Richie – and obtain the 'Rock' n 'Rolschik'! For those who have not seen the last of the aforementioned director, this picture should make a lasting impression … just, or at least – will enjoy the time. Information about the film: Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime Director: Guy Ritchie Starring: Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Thandie Newton, Mark Strong, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Toby Kebbell, Jeremy Piven, Ludacris Released: USA / UK, Dark Castle Entertainment Views: 01: 54:16 Translation: Amateur (Two) + the original English voice download Rock-n-rolschik:

Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs Plasma TVs are much safer than CRT TVs. They do not create harmful magnetic and electric fields, since they do not have the device scan and high-voltage power tube anode voltage. Plasma TV has no harmful effects on humans and pets and does not attract dust to the surface of the screen (a big plus in terms of housewives!). In addition, it is very important they do not have X-rays and any other stray radiation. Plasma TVs extremely versatile and can use them not only as a TV, but also as a PC display with the large size of the screen. To do this, all the models of plasma TVs in addition to video input (usually a normal input and AV input S-VHS) equipped with still and the VGA-input. Therefore, this panel will be indispensable for presentations, as well as when used as a multi-information display when it is connected to the output of your PC or laptop. Well, fans of home media and computer games will be thrilled: Just imagine how advantageous would look compared to 17 'monitor at 42' screen image, for example, a spaceship cockpit space or a virtual battlefield with space aliens! 'Image' Plasma TV, by its nature is very similar to the image in the 'real' cinema. Thanks to its 'cinematic' emphasis plasma immediately fell in love with the fans 'home movie', and firmly has established itself as a candidate for N1 as a high quality display features in the home of high quality.

Woody Allen Is Closer Zaporozhtsya

Each of our lives is nearly impossible without a movie – it's nice to see after a hard day's melodrama with a loved one in an embrace, pohohotat family of comedy or go with friends to the cinema to fiction fighter, or even "horror". And after the films viewed, under the influence of different situations in life or inspired by dreams, each of us to attend from time to time desire to write your own script for the movie box office, or, on the television series. But to complete the planned quality requires not only a strong sense of the creative impulse, but also the knowledge and skills in this way. And to help solve the situation starts kinoamatoram called on international organizations Cinemahall. Together with the female art-club "Happiness" and the Youth Organization of the Deaf "Our schaslive life", she realizes in the Zaporozhye region, a unique project – Festivals Amateur movie Cinemahall show" designed to help novice filmmaker in professional growth and give impetus to the development of quality of Ukrainian cinema. As part of the Festival on Feb. 4, 2011 visited Zaporozhye outstanding French cultural activist, writer, traveler, filmmaker and biographer of Woody Allen Ruben Landsberger one-day educational projects. Almost immediately after arriving from Kiev to the great city of the Cossacks, Ruben went to the morning broadcast of the regional TV channel "Alex", which presented his new book "Voices of Desire, described the current situation of the world, and French cinema and invited viewers to the evening author's master class, "Woody Allen and his best movies." After a small tour of cultural sites Zaporozhye, Ruben was the main speaker of the press conference at the press center of the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (which is from the official activities flowed quickly in a lively interesting conversation sides), where he told the audience of reporters to his visit to Kiev, Kiev kinoprodakshene of their own "Cat and Dog", his personal plans to further Producing young Ukrainian filmmakers with interesting patterns and open up the evening by copyright and master classes. The master-class of Ruben "Woody Allen and his best films was held in large auditorium of the Culture House of the Deaf (UTOG) in the form of interactive lectures with breaks for film screenings of the great American filmmaker Allen: "Manhattan", "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and "Annie Hall." The two-hour Cossacks conversation with French director flowed smoothly in a friendly tea party with talk not only about Woody Allen, but also representatives of other great film.

On The Methodology Of Teaching Foreign Languages With Effects Applied 25-F

Most of us have heard about the miraculous technique. But that's how most have heard about this procedure, so most certainly a very, very vague idea of what it is. And as far as this technique is effective. For First, some history. It all began in 1957 when a member of the American Psychological Association psychologist James Waikerie held a series of experiments.

The essence of the experience is that in a number of cinemas of New Jersey, he established on complementary projection. And during the showing of films, along with the image of the movie on the screen with another projector projected the phrase: and. Phrases were shown very quickly, they appeared at about 1 / 300 second for a second. The human mind that outside the picture simply does not notice. And what happened? It turned out that despite the fact that the human mind seems to be that the images are not seen, the human brain received that information. How does it identified? Easy! In those movies, where he conducted the experiment, the sale of Coke and popcorn significantly increased. Upon further study of this phenomenon showed that the effect has a strong effect of exposure.

They also found that multiple repetitions of information, encoded in 25 fps, it is using a special technique can be derived, that is, people already perceive it consciously. By the way, why this method became known method. The fact is that if the twist the film at 25 frames per second, the last 25 frames eye is not captured.

How To Write A Review For The Film ?

First, ask yourself: at what age group you're targeting? Review for the school store will require a somewhat different approach to writing, rather than a solid review for the journal of cinema. For the children's magazine or a newspaper review would be quite vigorous and punchy. " It should not be too long or contain material that is simply not interested in young readers. Writing film reviews for the young audience is often more difficult than for adults. In the case of adults can not think about things like the bright, colorful and intriguing picture, turns of phrase, etc., as an adult, as rule will make the decision himself, rather than rely on the opinion of critics. After watching the movie review to which you are going to write, it is important to immediately write down the main "hot thoughts." Subsequently, these notes will provide you indispensable help when you begun to write reviews. Notes better detail so that you can restore the necessary chain of events from memory, just by looking at the record.

In my view notes – this is the most important part when writing reviews of the film. Thus, as soon as you define the audience for which are going to write a review of the movie, go check your notes, and identifying the main ideas that are worth highlight. First you need to come up with an intriguing, eye-catching headline. For example, if right now was to write a review for the film "Remember Me", then perhaps a good title for review would be something like "Death in the happiness." Header gives a brief idea about the essence of the film, while intriguing the reader to read the reviews.