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Comedy Club

I had been writing scripts for various jokes of KVN teams and Arthur knows about my creativity, so he called me into his creative team. Whether to laugh at themselves Comedy Club? Will the girl in the Comedy Club on stage? Answer: This is most important. And about the question about girls in Comedy: the scene should be a little jerk, and the girl is not talking. Comment (Marina): Yes I would like to say that there is censorship Comedy Club, a sort of vulgarity and it's funny, but not from the lips of the girl, because some things will not sound as funny as this guy does. If tomorrow the end of the world as spend today? Answer: Excellent question. Soak skewers, take a towel and go to the creek. And the roll call of all who had to call in the last 10 years.

Any successful duo – a dialogue between two entities that complement each other very often it is the contrasts. Also, I do not believe that a duet on stage can be absolute equality, should be the one who sets the pace. Who's Who in the duet with Kharlamov and Batrutdinovym? How is their communication outside the scene? Answer: Who sets the pace in the room, depends on the number. Igor Kharlamov up with ideas, Timur bring them to mind. In addition, we have our own creative department, and finally Marina (smiles). Kharlamov played stupid and limited people.:) Timur plays the arrogant and presumptuous.:) Where you're looking for inspiration for their rooms? Answer: Inside the head it comes.

Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs Plasma TVs are much safer than CRT TVs. They do not create harmful magnetic and electric fields, since they do not have the device scan and high-voltage power tube anode voltage. Plasma TV has no harmful effects on humans and pets and does not attract dust to the surface of the screen (a big plus in terms of housewives!). In addition, it is very important they do not have X-rays and any other stray radiation. Plasma TVs extremely versatile and can use them not only as a TV, but also as a PC display with the large size of the screen. To do this, all the models of plasma TVs in addition to video input (usually a normal input and AV input S-VHS) equipped with still and the VGA-input. Therefore, this panel will be indispensable for presentations, as well as when used as a multi-information display when it is connected to the output of your PC or laptop. Well, fans of home media and computer games will be thrilled: Just imagine how advantageous would look compared to 17 'monitor at 42' screen image, for example, a spaceship cockpit space or a virtual battlefield with space aliens! 'Image' Plasma TV, by its nature is very similar to the image in the 'real' cinema. Thanks to its 'cinematic' emphasis plasma immediately fell in love with the fans 'home movie', and firmly has established itself as a candidate for N1 as a high quality display features in the home of high quality.