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What is conventional and alternative energy

It is called conventional energy products resulting from the transformation or processing of natural energy resources (primary) or in some cases from ready-made energy source (eg. Tar). The only possible source of energy all secondary processing center and the only destination it a center of consumption. Secondary energy sources are electricity, the wide range of petroleum products, coal, and manufactured gas (or town gas). The group of petroleum products includes a wide variety of useful energy products that are obtained processing of oil from the refineries, among which are gasolines, diesel fuels (diesel) and others. An alternative energy is that which seeks to meet the current energy, because of its lower polluting effect and its ability to renovaci n.La energy is fundamental to the economic development of a country and the welfare of its population. It is part of economic instruments, as it is required to activate all types of machinery or tool, but not physically joined to the goods or services produced, has an impact on production costs.It is also a final consumption good that is used to the satisfaction (ie, comfort) human. Today, solutions are being sought to resolve and prevent this crisis and are also looking for specific methods to prevent spreading. That’s why alternative energy sources were used because they have the ability to not pollute the environment and therefore do not affect the company and are also renovables.La derivation of the term “energy crisis” is the fall or drop economic activity, such as production and consumption, but in turn, tends to the shortage, the need to famine, etc. This means that there is a crisis. Energy is the way to produce the work in the field, whether in the form of movement, light, heat, etc.That is why the energy crisis refers to scarcity and high cost of energy. These renewables are: Wind power (which is produced by the movement of wind and can be obtained through wind turbines. This energy is very effective, but the only problem is that it is possible to install wind turbines in any area, it is necessary that the wind is constant ) Hydropower, (which is caused by the use of water), ocean or tidal energy, (which is obtained by the use of water in the oceans and seas.This is put into use when the high tide water is dammed) Solar energy (which uses solar radiation using solar panels. The only drawback is that solar panels are very expensive at present) Geothermal energy (which is the use of water under pressure emerging from underground.