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History The Polar Beer production began in Venezuela in 1941 with the establishment of the first floor of the company Ant mano west of Caracas. In 1950 due to the success of Polar beer they can establish a second plant in the east of the country in Barcelona. In 1951 opened another plant in the city of Caracas with a storage capacity of 500 thousand liters per month in addition to market launch later Malta Maltin Polar Polar market leader in this segment until today. In 1954 with the intention to diversify the business and cut costs in the production of beer Remavenca create the company which begins to produce corn flakes for producing beer in 1960 Remavenca their product launches to make arepas Harina PAN, it marks still remains a market leader. In 1961 he opened the fourth floor of Polar in the country, intended to supply the western Andean region with headquarters in Maracaibo.Born in 1977 Polar Foundation, renamed years later as Empresas Polar Foundation, fulfilling an important role as the social arm of the company. This organization has been remarkable for his social commitment as being the planner and executor of his initiatives in Health, Nutrition, Basic Education, Work Education, Science and Technology and Community Development. In 1978 he opened the fifth floor of Polar, this time in San Joaquin with a capacity of 12 million liters per month, becoming the largest brewery in Latin America. Starting in 1986 rice production. Empresas Polar Ice acquire companies in 1987 and Refreshments EFE Golden in 1992. Empresas Polar partnered with PepsiCo for the production and distribution of Pepsi around the country, in 1996 and further launches its first light beer Polar Light. For 2000 Empresas Polar concentrates all business non-carbonated soft drinks including mineral water Minalba Pepsi-Cola in Venezuela.In 2001 the company acquired Mavesa and also launch a new light beer called Polar Ice. In 2003, the subsidiaries Primor Mavesa and food producers are concentrated in Polar Foods. In 2004 Solera Ligth hits the market currently one of the largest-selling beers in Venezuela with Polar Ice.

July 3

The procession is taken to Area 51 (in Nevada) where they reach an underground laboratory (a secret project that neither the president knew about), where a select team of scientists is working for years with three aliens caught in the 50s, and even with one of their ships. Meanwhile, members of the elite air squadron, the “Black Knights”, aim to fight back the invaders, among them being Captain Steven Hiller (). Your attack fails miserably as both the main and small craft attack craft have shields of defense. Trying to escape, Hill took a ship down with wit (released the parachute from his plane off the alien ship causing the ship to crash), and falls into a desert in Nevada.After knocking him out with a bang, capturing the alien and takes him to Area 51, near the site, with the help of Russell Casse (Randy Quaid), a former Vietnam pilot and field sprayer, which claims to have suffered in the past one abduction by extraterrestrials, where they did all sorts of experiments, and therefore know their intentions. In Area 51, is received by the chief scientist, Brackish Okun (Brent Spiner), who immediately proceeded to examine the alien in the OR. What I do not know is that the alien is still alive, and attacks all the doctors, Okun capturing and using it to communicate with humans. Announces to everyone that his intentions are clear: an end to mankind (after a failed attempt by President truce). Then launches an attack telepathic Withmore, raises it revealing his plans like locusts, they attack the planets, eradicate its inhabitants consume all natural resources and leave.Then, it sends murder (which they do that the military help him, shoot him), and orders to attack with nuclear weapons to ships. The nuclear attack (which takes place in Houston, Texas) fails since it is also unable to pierce the shield aliens. Meanwhile, Hiller’s girlfriend, Jasmine (Vivica A. Fox), who manages to escape alive from the attack, find the First Lady, Marilyn Withmore (Mary McDonnell) who tried to escape in a helicopter from Los Angeles. You are in serious condition, and although hospitalized, can not recover from internal bleeding and dies.

Tres Marias Golf

Tres Marias Golf Club Tres Marias Golf Club is a residential development in the form of golf club building complex located in the Ciudad Tres Marias in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. This golf club has a relevance in comparison to others of its kind, given its urban design and scope in the concept. The Tres Marias Golf Club is a sample of high-profile real estate works being done in Michoacan’s capital and are encouraging tourism in Morelia.The Tres Marias Golf Club has a large magnitude, extending over an area of 550 ha, which is located in this area ranked world-class infrastructure, among which include a golf professional of 62 ha, with 27 holes designed and signed by Jack Nicklaus is considered the best golfer of all time, who made a very challenging field for the game and its features make it the largest golf course in Mexico in a beach area and the third global size and being one of the most prestigious and famous golf courses in the country. Furthermore, the development features a resort style clubhouse, sports and recreation, and residential areas.The club is home to major sporting and social events of national and international relevance among them the Corona Championship golf tournament of the LPGA World Tour, held annually and which has a term of five years, and to date held its third ion, this converging the best tournament in the world professional players like Lorena Ochoa and other players as well as many visitors and a strong media coverage, leaving a large economic flow in the city of Morelia. The Tres Marias Golf Club was built in only one phase with an investment of about 120 million in a record time of one and a half (18 months). The club was founded in 2004 by businessman Enrique Ram rez Maga a Group leader of the Tres Marias property, which also develops the complex Ciudad Tres Marias, comprising 2,000 hectares located the site where the golf club.The architect is Ricardo Romero development Zozaya prestigious Mexican architect, who created the works of the complex into a modern approach, integrating the natural environment.


Islam in its origins Mohammed is one of the great figures of history. He was the founder of Islam, a monotheistic religion that now has millions of faithful around the world and is characterized by rapid and extensive expansion. Followers of Islam are called Muslims, a word that means “under God”, they are made of a very heterogeneous group of believers with a great ethnic, linguistic and geographical. Muhammad ascending to heaven on the back of Buraq, an animal with a body of horse and human face. On 27 Rajab Muslims commemorate the Lailat al-Miraj or the Night of Ascension, the day when Muhammad was led by the Archangel Gabriel to Allah and he gave precise instructions, including the obligation of the five daily prayers. The revelation and preaching of Muhammad took place in the Arabian Peninsula between 610 and 632 AD, and to understand the impact it caused among his contemporaries must know briefly what it was Arabia before the arrival of the prophet. Arabia is among the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf: Within the peninsula there is a vast desert, but the territory is crossed by trade routes and became an important commercial link between the Mediterranean world, India and the Far East. Most of the population was nomadic, Bedouin rearing camels, sheep and horses, and had also sedentary groups living in cities and near the oasis. The latter based their livelihood on agriculture and trade.The basis of the social organization of the Bedouin was the clan and tribe. The guild is a group based on blood ties. These clans had a rigid patriarchal structure under which the seed came from the paternal line. The tribe, although it believes that all members have a common ancestor, is not based on kinship. On numerous occasions, some tribes joined, leading to the creation of large tribal confederations. In an inhospitable and dangerous environment like the desert, the tribe gave people an identity and physical safety were guaranteed. But beside this tribal security, the fact is that there were great rivalries between tribes. Bedouins in the desert In the area of preaching of Muhammad was a melting pot of religions.

About spies and betrayal …

I think we only show the tip of the iceberg, as always, to see if you look at these comments from very knowledgeable and recommended this blog (elgrancomboclub): 1. Difficult Neighbourhood No wonder.We have a conflictive relationship with neighboring countries. As you remember, we had conflicts and wars in 1975 (Tacna), 1981 (False Paquisha), 1983 (Malvinas), 1995 (Cenepa) and since the beginning of this century, we had a resurgence of tensions with southern neighbors. It’s like someone who has a health issue that has to care for and live with him. You have to take precautions. No need to despair, or burn flags, or do bad blood. We must take action. As the French proverb says, good accounts make good friends. Toca, therefore i) to take care of military parity at all times and ii) to reciprocity in political and economic relations. i) The country needs a deterrent to military level. The neighbor may be underestimated. Whatever. The important thing is that we do not underestimate ourselves.It was Chile’s reaction to The rocket and the Scud Paulet 1 . There was concern. Supposedly, the neighbor has military superiority, but be careful. ii) National defense is not isolated from economic relations. In the discussion of the reciprocity law was clear that the technocrats had much more power than the Peruvian military. It is ridiculous that the neighbors have laws that restrict investment in its ports, and Peru do not have them.See Giampietri A law or law of reciprocity and national security . In Chile during the Pinochet government had several debates won by the military on technocracy, Pinochet’s fist striking the table included: the law of the copper and the non-privatization of military pensions, among others. (If the AFPs are so good, why a military government military excludes them ).View The Chilean military and its relationship with the United States . In Peru during the Fujimori appears that all the debates had won the technocracy, following a low-profile tactic .

The actors and characters to represent ke no resemblance

The title says it all, in the following entries will put pictures of the characters in the film and their respective actors. There are some (eg Carlisle) that if k I had said I would not have represented him ever known. yourselves.

History of gasoline

History of gasoline in Spain’s first gasoline marketed in Spain had no particular designation. This was to lead and 85 octane. In the 80s and the evolution of the engines was increased to 91 octane, and in turn began to market a leaded gasoline higher octane, 97, who called Super Gas. Thus, the previous petrol gradually began to be known as regular gasoline. In this way the stations offered for many years Normal 91 octane petrol and 97 octane unleaded gasoline. In 1988 he began mass marketing engines that use unleaded gasoline, which began marketing the so-called Unleaded petrol Unleaded 95 and 98.In mid to late 90s the use of unleaded petrol began to be significantly higher than that of leaded petrol (end 1999 40 of all cars on Spanish roads used leaded petrol) so over the decade were recalling Normal Gasoline least 91 with growing demand, leaving only the gasoline Super 97 as leaded gasoline. When the European Union put the legislation on which they would withdraw all of leaded petrol from the market before January 2001, Spain was granted an extension because of the number of vehicles that consume these types of leaded fuels which still existed in national territory . As of August 2001 began to phase out leaded petrol Super 97, and finally, in January 2002, to prohibit by law the sale of any type of leaded gasoline. In April 2001, gasoline consumption Super accounted for 28.5 of total gasoline.On the other hand, oil companies offered a substitute for leaded petrol Super 97 were introduced in the market at the same time that they withdrew it. According to oil his name was different: Repsol YPF “New Super 97”, Cepsa, “New super”, and BP, “BP 97 Ecos per lead substitute.” The new gasoline, slightly more expensive, included an additive based on potassium (K) that replaces the lead. Yet, despite being less polluting than lead, the government ordered its withdrawal by the end of 2005. The main objective was the massive withdrawal of vehicles that consume too much and produce a lot of pollution, due in large part by not having catalyst (only possible in engines using unleaded fuel.) Also the high price of this replacement led to his retirement. In 2004, premium gasoline consumption accounted for 12 of petrol. From 2006 there were only at the pump Unleaded Unleaded 95 and 98.Those who want to use motors that do not support or unleaded gasoline substitute, could acquire the replacement of potassium addition and mixing it with gasoline, though it was recommended as far as possible put the engine to be used with unleaded petrol, and develop a catalyst.