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The Interlocutor

'Then follows a question of knowledge of the interlocutor. Check out Dorothy Kilgallen for additional information. Remember: the perfect start to talk with someone to start a romantic dating – this is his favorite subject. Talk just like that – excellent start a romantic date. If you choose a dating in real life, forget about the standards of many recommendations on "how to impress" or "how to strike up a conversation to serious dating" or "how two minutes to tempt your favorite girl. " None of the learned advice does not give you the desired effect. They create a framework that limit us in their ability to maintain a pleasant laid-back communication especially for a romantic party of acquaintances. Be natural, be yourself. When you feel that you can not start a conversation with a girl you like, wide smile and admit that so hard preparing for this romantic rendezvous, which lost at home in a hurry script, so I have to resort to backup:) And yet, I now found myself thinking that, in spite of all my calls to avoid recommendations, in fact my whole article – The most that either there is a recommendation.

And mind, I had to restrict ourselves to the slogan "The best recommendation – to hell with all the recommendations!":) But now it's too late to rush and have somehow wish to merge this work in the sump. Well, as you already decide – It is useful to you with this scripture, or a waste of time, so be it. But once you have gathered in Moscow dating "Romance", do not forget that on 23 May we are going to a terrific show "Hipsters", where certainly you can leave the threshold of the evening in Moscow, dating all the restrictions and open up new opportunities for starting new romantic relationships, lots of fun, meeting new people and meet their life partner to create family. And may you never change the good humor and joy that simply stunning in its originality!

Underwater Dream Vacationer

Underwater Dream vacationer. And not in a submarine, but it was under water. For example, in the sea, river, lake. Additionally stimulates what are you doing this afternoon, for all to see. Only blue water woman hides from the limelight and give her periodic surfacing to gain air. In the elevator or in the entryway is the biggest dream thrill.

At any time you can caught, but that's the whole effect – to get double pleasure from a sudden passion, and the feeling that doing something illegal, what you can attract. Most importantly, the thrill was in the heart of two of partners – in Otherwise, it will be for a man pleasure, and for women – continuous torment. Boxer describes an additional similar source. Before leaving for work seekers dream inspiration. Nothing, probably, does not give so much strength and vigor, like morning sex – especially oral. But if so the wife wakes her husband at work …

'Oral alarm' and more enjoyable and more effective than usual. In addition, the intimacy in the early morning is also beneficial to the relationship: it is known fact that one of the most frequently encountered causes of divorce – sexual cooling. The toilet restaurant dream esthete. Let you do not mind and do not repel nasty ear the word 'toilet'. The main point here is not the place, and then, where it is. Imagine you came in an expensive restaurant, ordered a dish of seafood, and after some time after their admission, her husband was a combat platoon. Why spend time and pleasure, waiting until you get home? Is not a sin to make him a fellatio right here, in premises under the name WC. The same applies to the aircraft and the club. At work in the office of elected Dream workaholics. How do you want to relieve stress in the middle of a busy day (or directly in the classroom during a boring lecture). By the way, one who practices like sex in the service, he began, most often with the university's Bench. Although, there is also complexity. For example, the director of a well: he and his cabinet, and the secretary did not mind making a nice boss. But married man, and still no private office – well, nothing. Therefore, it is – the ultimate dream elected Stakhanovites. On a desert island, on the roof Dream romantics. Get with your loved one on a wild island, do it with him sex, and then, enjoy plenty of romance to return home … Just as the passion and surrender on the roof under the light breath of wind, being as it were, over the ordinary world in which ordinary mortals live. And if the first version more of a science fiction, and, more often, and remains a distant dream, the second to realize that perhaps interfere with the fears and complexes. Front of the TV while watching erotic Just a dream. The main thing with this – to understand that everything in normal life is not nearly as much as on the screen. So do not try to repeat everything to the smallest detail. In short, for sex – including oral – you can find many interesting places. It is therefore very useful to be familiar to you diversify, using at least some of these places here.

Marriage In The US

The first organization to offer their services in the area searching for a suitable groom abroad have appeared in Kharkov in the mid-nineties. We can say that if it was a real boom, the reasons stir in principle difficult to understand the complex socio-economic situation in the country, full of 'chernukha' in life when people get a penny or even lost their jobs or, worse kriminagennaya conditions and other factors make the prospect of marriage and immigration in one of the wealthier Western countries simply magical chance at a normal life. Kharkov as one of the largest educational centers not only in Ukraine but the whole of the former Soviet Union attracted thousands male and female students, and thus a lack of 'Cinderella' wanting to throw the rags of poverty scoop and find yourself in a luxurious palace, and hug the Prince has always been enough. Over the years have passed since that time very much changed in our country and in the west too. But as always there are many girls who do not find their second halves in Kharkov, and on the other hand is a much more young, successful and simpotichnyh men from the U.S. Europe, Australia and so on. who are increasingly turning their gaze to the East, home of female wisdom and beauty! Marriage to a foreigner and move to another, so far America should be associated with large changes in their lives. As is changing the lives of Slavic women in the U.S.? Podcherpnem answers on the forum for Russian-speaking women living in the U.S., I feel great here.

Cat Shows

Each cat show – a celebration, especially for owners of cats, as well as guests. But were often observed in cases of violations of the laws of the Russian Federation, during these exhibitions, consequence of which violated the rights of owners of animals and visitors. Obviously the organizers imagined themselves gods, and do whatever you want, at these exhibitions of cats. But with what offenses have often face the hosts and guests of the exhibitions: 1) The organizers say in advance that a fee eksponentskih contributions – it's voluntary contributions. But this is only the method of tax evasion. For the very owner of a cat – paid public services, ie commercial services.

Here everything goes according to the principle – no payment, no involvement of the cat in the exhibition. About any voluntary contributions to such a scheme can there be? When the organizers of the exhibition of cats positioning eksponentsky contribution is voluntary, then the amount of such payment (excluding taxes) will be much more than a commercial fee, in which the cost of services is directly linked to taxation. And so every participant must receive a document from the organizers of the payment of a commercial rather than a voluntary contribution. 2) Guests of the exhibition of cats get tickets to the exhibition of cats and often notice – a ticket issued by one company, and the exhibition carries a very different organization. There were instances when crossing tickets issued on non-existent organizations.

3) to collaborate on a cat show judge, according to organizers exclusively to voluntary basis. Very favorable: there were guests, for a single dishes on the show, as if by accident. But for foreigners should be issued a special permit, although no one does. It turns out that the money Organizers are spending to pay for work and expenses of the judges, in the interests of some people who are interested in promoting the right animals. If the examination is necessary to pay, ignoring the Russian legislation, the judge proplachennye will work for those who feed them. And so the participation of other animals is required only for the organizers to attract more money. Nobody is against the exhibition – all for just, but given existing legislation of the Russian Federation, which does not allow proizvolnichat organizers of such events and make them respect the rights of cat owners and visitors.

October Revolution

I was getting married. Seventh day of November 1976 I sat in the dining room 'Jubilee' and was getting married. An infinite number of guests congratulated us incessantly, shouting 'bitter', something desired. It was all very decent, right. Fatah and white dress, the wedding procession and flowers. Even the TV filming, while it was very cool. The people celebrated the anniversary of the October Revolution and in honor of the event to register a marriage valuable employees, which treated my future husband, was held at the Palace of Culture 'Zheleznodorozhnik' in a particularly festive atmosphere, with a broadcast on local television. Everything was beautiful.

The horror was that I did not feel the anticipated delight crazy luck, or something like that, something good coming from his own wedding in 18 years. Behind my mother's tears, the sighs of envious friends, pre-wedding worries. I was sitting at his own wedding, looked at the drunken guests rose to greetings, kissing the bride and acutely felt the unreality of the situation. It was a movie. Real movies. And I have played a major role. The first sign of the fragility of the marriage was very cold weather.

Never, neither before nor after 1976 a cold this time of year was not. Following unpleasant aspect was the lack of a car that was supposed to take away our sleep in the house of the groom. A relative, who was entrusted to resolve the issue, not agreed, and as a result of beautiful wire married couple in the bedroom did not work. Moreover, we had to walk in the frost in the wedding dress and beautiful shoes instead had someone else's shoe boots so as not to freeze up. AND it was a sign of the second. But the most unpleasant to come. My 'dowry' which should have been delivered to our bedroom to the end of the wedding, was stolen. At first I did not believe it, thought it was just a bad joke. When I realized that this however, burst into tears on his chest and groom mentally said goodbye to him. I already knew, that we do not live together until the silver wedding anniversary. In the 'dowry' was the bed, pillows, my dresses, and other things. But most importantly – there were the boots. This was the third sign. We lived for three years, and then another three years apart, put up again parted. During this time our son was born, and at one period of our separation, I met her first, and only true love. Now, When I approach the half-century anniversary, I understand – the purpose of this marriage was the birth of a son. He became my friend and support, an assistant principal and counselor. But the main thing is not about me. The family of my first husband was no more weddings, although there was still a brother and two sisters. Thus, our son is the only one who will continue to race. So do not believe then in the popular superstitions. Well, my movie where I played a major role, continues, but that's another story.