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Later Identity

They can serve as a species of therapy, in the direction to have a revelation of the adolescents of feelings that in other cases would be restrained. They also provide a certainty of that the adolescent is not alone in what she is passing. The group of adolescents the adolescence is the period that precedes the adult life, where is not more child. In this phase, the adolescent is to the search of ' ' Eu' ' , in the others. Therefore it occurs identification with people of determined social group. Although the construction of the identity if gives since the beginning of the life, it is in the adolescence of the individual that it defines itself, if directs for a profile more concrete, making with that this experience finishes if becoming a main element in the life adolescent it.

The identity if organizes for identifications, at the beginning is with the father or mother, later the individual passes if to identify with other familiar ones, and finally she becomes related with professors, dolos, friends, with the society in general. ' ' In the initial adolescence, the identity if structure as one ' ' bedspread of retalhos' ' , in which each remnant is one? piece? of somebody, becoming difficult to know with? who? we are talking at the moment Later occurs one? amalgam? where some experiences of identification if? they establish. This is a slow and difficult process, as much for the adolescent as for the adults who coexist ele' ' (OUTEIRAL, 2003, p.63). To the measure that happens development, the adolescent goes if disconnect of the parents to become little immature dependent and, having relations with people is of the familiar context. The group of adolescent is the first step for the search of the identity and this perhaps, either the most important aspect. In accordance with Conger (1980), the influence exerted for the friends in the phase of the adolescence is especially critical.

Street Piraputanga

The ranks of the props in the place were in February of 2009, had been demarcated five points being in the following places: (1 and 2) in the entrance of the Street Piraputanga; (3) beginning in the headboard next the fall to the water; (4) in the left lateral of the soil erosion; (5) in the right lateral of the soil erosion. – Third stage; we return in the study area, for more (06) six times that I assist with it of a trena we measure the distances of the props with regard to the edge of the soil erosion with the intention to observe and to write down the occured alterations after the ranks of the same ones. Therefore, in the third phase, analysis of the collections of data, and the work was developed as a whole, giving subsidies for the elaboration of the monograph. 3,1 MONITORAMENTO OF SOIL EROSION. According to War (2002), the monitoramento is made from the evolution of the soil erosion leading in account its expansion space as in such a way secular. Rain is associated with the expansion of this phenomenon being one of the main factors of evolution of a soil erosion. In accordance with the same author must itself first be located the soil erosion in a topographical letter, second to delimit placing it some props to its redor keeping certain distance one of the others, these props must be confectioned of preference in wood and be embedded 30 cm of depth in the ground, and third the had positions of the props become the notations in the field passbook demarcating and to return to each four months not necessarily, depending on the index of the rain of the region can become notations and visits more times, being that the measures must be made of the edge of the soil erosion tie the props for then evaluating the evolution of the same one.


The word Mr. teaches in to ask for them the God what it desires our heart, and if this order will be in accordance with will d? It and in the definitive time goes to mark itself. We saw in 2 Kings 2:9 ' ' Having they past, Elias said the Eliseu: She asks for to me what you want that I make, before he is taken by you. Eliseu said: I ask for to you that it has touched me for inheritance portion folded of yours esprito.' ' Eliseu was making a bold order the Elias, in the truth it wanted in double the power spiritual that Elias had, the prophet understands to be a difficult order of being granted and pointed a signal with respect to its successor alleging that if she saw it to Eliseu when its was taken been able would be granted to it. All know that Eliseu carried through the double of miracles that Elias carried through, therefore decided to ask for something that would go mark its ministry and marked as much that last fifteen years of its death some people led one dead to be embedded and when hears an invasion of the moabitas these men, when seeing the flock, had launched the deceased in the sepulture of Eliseu and when the deceased touched in its bones immediately came back to live.

God takes the serious o how we ask for! Reading friend, the word Mr. clarifies in them that being the bad men they know to give good gifts to its children, affirming that if a son to ask for to a fish its father to it will not give a snake to it and if the son to ask for to a bread the father to it will not give to a rock celestial father to it does not know to give good gifts to it to its children. God takes the serious one what we ask for! Ezequias after to hear the prophet who it would go to die prayed the Mr. and Mr. added it fifteen years of life, Salomo asked for wisdom alleging that he was boy and God granted to wisdom wealth and peace to it in its reign, the samaritana asked for water and Jesus gave a water to it that gushed out for the perpetual life. The unction of the Spirit is available the one that to ask for and God takes the serious one what you to ask for, have faith and please you Mr. and It will grant what desires its heart. How God in blesses you to Christ! Jezias shepherd Blacksmith.


The questionnaires can be classified in three categories: ' ' questionnaires of closed questions, questionnaires of open questions and questionnaires that combine both the types of questions. these types of instruments play the functions to describe the characteristics and measure definitive 0 variable of a group social.' ' (RICHARDSON, 2002, P. 190). In the here described case, we opt to a questionnaire of opened questions, since a bigger elaboration of the opinions of the interviewed ones is intended. The above-mentioned author still admits, the advantages of the opened questions, but at the same time he also admits some disadvantages: ' ' One of the advantages of the open questions is the possibility of the interviewed one to answer with more freedom, not being restricted to mark one or another alternative. This aid very the researcher when it has little information or wants to know one assunto.uma great disadvantage is the difficulty of classification and codificao' ' (RICHARDSON, 2002, P. 195). In this manner, we will break for the analysis of the data gotten through the interview and of the questionnaire, having considered the opinion of some authors, at the same time where we inside relate its ideas with the perspectives of the inclusion of the pertaining to school scene.

2. CHARACTERIZING the STATE SCHOOL PROFESSOR DIOMEDES SAINTS DA SILVA the school in question is located in the Set Fernando Collor de Melo, in the city of Ours Lady of the Aid, in this state. He was established to take care of to a clientele of four pupils the six years of age, being nominated as Preschool Professor ' ' Diomedes Saints Da Silva ' '. With the increasing demand and the municipalizao of preschool education, the institution was turned toward the attendance of the educandos of the initial series. In this manner, currently, the school takes care of the pupils of the first one to the fifth year of basic education.