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The day of the wedding, without a doubt, is one of the days more unforgettable than they yearn for many fianc2es. But also there is another important event in the life of the married pair, the honeymoon. Generally in the honeymoon, previously planned, the new spouses travel to other places to enjoy their new married life. And exactly the hotels in Ibiza, are not only dedicated to the single woman travellers and whole families, but also to the pairs just married that arrive at the island to enjoy their honeymoon by several days and weeks. The hotels santa eulalia, also are lodgings where the new spouses can enjoy very romantic moments as a dinner to light of the moon and stars a musical bottom.

But everything will depend than they look for just married to celebrate his wedding the certain thing it is that to arrive at Ibiza to celebrate the first days of marriage, is an extraordinary idea to begin the relation of spouses since Ibiza is a cosmopolitan island with old traditions that feed their cultural wealth and offer historical sites worthy to be visited. In addition, they are its white sand beaches crystalline and their waters, that surround to anyone. And that to say of its natural landscapes with that blue sky and a radiating sun that it embellishes to all the island. Weddings in the beach On the other hand, with the advance of the modern tendencies, the fianc2es of now want to feel more identified with their own wedding. So many glide to marry in little conventional places. For example, one of the most favorite options by the fianc2es is to realise its wedding in the beach. Before it, many hotels in Ibiza offer services of wedding to the innovating fianc2es. Therefore, if these looking for next to your pair an original wedding, to marry you in the beach of Ibiza without a doubt are a dream wedding.

Gerkrys Hotel

I arrive at that zone station wagon white and of they threw a body to the track there, starting off quickly the vehicle. In 2007 Elihot Robert Alfaro Mirror of 38 years entrance with a girl from 18 to located the Gerkrys Hotel in the Urbanization the 10,30 Breezes to a.m., pidio beer and dish of marinated raw fish and encerro with the woman, who salio of that 6 single room to p.m. As Elihot salia of the 12 room and already were not p.m. administrator of the hotel subio to be called on the door to him to ask to him that he leaves the room, by to have finished the service. Great it was the surprise of the hotelkeeper: ” encontro to Alfaro Mirror, totally naked on the bed and died.

Peperas are generally small of 15 to 27 years, that dress in jeans tight, sport elegant, perfumed, brown, clearly red-haired painted hair, are very pretty, go in pair and they are very sociable with any stranger who goes more or less elegant by the streets of Lima. They carry a cellular one that serves to stamp to its accomplices, that handle combis, station wagon, ticos, so that they come to gather them when they already cleaned some point. Peperas does not get to have sex with the victims, everything is only a imagination, theater, very well organized action, that makes think to cuarentones Peruvian that they podran to enjoy its beautiful bodies, by suns, but that in the long run it only took to them to be victims of robbery, dopamiento, assault and in some cases until of violation at the hands of the Peruvian pals of peperas. Nor the tourists escape, to them pepean also them. He already knows it horseman, gentleman, friend, are intelligent and he is not let take the hair by mocosas, portese as a true man and does not lose the sense of the reality.

No girl of, would never fall in love with you. If some laughs to him by the street it follows, it by an avenue, gives erotic glances to him and seductive, it remembers that the only thing that it looks for of you it is his wallet, a child would never fall in love with cuarenton, is not ingenuous. She thinks about his children, their work, its person, in his reputation, is not you victim of these youthful meretrices and the delinquents run who them. Peperas also operates the Boulevard de Miraflores, Street the Pizas, Av Arequipa, Center of Lima, in the majority of Discotheques of the North Cone and South Cone of Lima.