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Understanding the Pastoral Choral

The Pastoral Council CPa a he continued to work as it relates to regulation of the chorus, and finally took a decalogue which was about the ideas that I had said in my general rules, but expressed as rejection and opposition from all members of the chorus, and more severe, with letters to the council and Father Luis, insulting and abusing everyone. The council decision was unequivocal: suspend its service to all offenders. This time it suspended Mr. Franco (he returned), for an indefinite period and also the choir director of the charismatic prayer group. Franco went back with all his choir, but was not the case with the charismatic choir, who also participated in the mass at nine o'clock, as the same charismatic renewal suspended the director for having offended the Pastor. The chorus of charismatic prayer group, encouraging the masses of the nine in the morning, ran out of musical director, and Father Luis asked me to lead the choir.

The choir members, as is normal at first I received with some suspicion, but after I gained my confidence and esteem, thank God. My agreement to direct the choir at the request of the Father, but it was for that, and most do not belong to the prayer group, but the Lord has his plans, and after half a year, we passed my wife and I belong to the prayer group. One day he came to visit Fight a cousin of my wife, and just that day had to go to pray the rosary in the church of the parish, singing in the church after six in the evening with the choir of the prayer group, then attend the prayer group meeting. Fight, my cousin also by the love and appreciation that I have accompanied us all these activities. Combat was very happy at the end. Back on foot through the streets of Santa Beatriz, and Lynx, we were discussing. For this the day in the prayer group gave a talk a sister of the charismatic renewal on the charisms of prayer group, our cousin asked me I thought this talk. His question was directed more or less want to know the opinion of someone she knew, had studies in theology.

(Modesty). I do not want this comment to bring down the whole pastoral work of the charismatic prayer group, but as far as I could see that night on the talk given by a sister of this group, I had the feeling of seeing only the subject focused on the spiritual, putting aside a little rational. The theological study tells us loud and clear: faith is the hand of reason, and we can not focus on only one of these points, since faith alone leads to fideism, and the only reason leads us to rationalism. Well it says Pope John Paul II in his encyclical Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason) with these words: a The faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth. God has placed in the human heart the desire to know the truth and, ultimately, to know a l so that, by knowing and loving, can also encompass the full truth about himself mismoa . Then the actual reflection on my part was the question from my cousin, And why, then attend this group, but you agree that part ?…… The Lord will tell me later that's what I do in this group. Continuing. '.