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National Independent Club

Gottlieb Duttweiler was a pioneer and visionary who had the goal of revolutionizing the business of selling food products. On 25 August 1925 was sent out the first Model T Ford delivery vehicles of Migros in Zurich. Due to low prices, Migros was well received by the housewives. Since 1928 Migros also manufactures some products. The first was S most apple juice, made by the company recently purchased Alkoholfreie Weine AG. The retailers feel attacked. Thus, through parties attempted, politicians and unions, to ruin Migros. However, consumers always appreciated Duttweiler business and the business became increasingly successful. Quickly, Migros has expanded to other cantons of the Swiss Confederation, and opened – along with delivery trucks – stores. In some cantons, political resolutions to settle Migros banned for periods of ten years. However, this did not stop the advance of Migros.In 1935 he founded a travel Migros, Hotelplan (known as Hopla) and in 1937 founded a money services business. Duttweiler In 1936 he founded his own political party, the National Independent Club (Landesring der Unabh ngig). The party had the nickname “Migros Party. The business hitherto shares was changed in 1941, the figure of a cooperative. In 1942 he launched the magazine Br ckenbauer Migros, since 2004 this magazine is called Migros-Magazin. Today this is one of the highest circulation publications in Switzerland. Each cooperative, whose entrance is free, you receive the magazine free. In 1944 he founded the Klubschulen Migros, with the objective of providing the prueblo cheaper access to education. Today, Klubschulen are one of the most successful institutions in the market for adult education. In 1948, Migros launched the concept of “self-service stores” around the idea of Elsa Gasser, a Polish immigrant who served as an economist at Duttweiler.In the early 50s, entered the restaurant Migros Migros, also offered non-food items and founded the Ex Libris bookstore. Since 1954, Migros has a fuel station operation, Migrol. This offering fuel at lower prices than the competition. In 1957 he established the culture Percentage: 1 of Migros sales would be invested in education and culture. In 1957, Migros was launched in the banking market with Migrosbank. In 1954 he founded the sister company of Migros, Migros T rk, whose surgery was performed in Turkey. A year later, founded the business Migros Insurance, Secura. Migros In 1999 he retired from the business and sold it to Generali. In 1986 he opened the first entertainment center of Migros, the S ntispark in Abtwil SG. In 1993, Migros has expanded into Austria (after four years of preparation) and in France. The first subsidiary in Germany was opened in 1995.In 1997, Migros absorbed Globus-Gruppe, established by the businesses “Magazine zum Globus”, “ABM Au Bon March ” store clothes “Herren Globus” furniture stores “Interio” and office stores “Office World “. On 12 January 2007, Migros announced that absorbed 70 of Denner-Aktienkapitals. The merger was approved by the Competition Commission on September 4 that year.